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#QFL Nation Cut Deadline Approaching

The cut to 18 deadline is prior to the first Week 5 game on Thurs, October 4. The deadline to declare Europe designations is the same as the cut to 18 deadline. As usual, email your Europe guys per Shane’s email.

2018 QFL Mock Rookie Draft

This is the worst fantasy rookie draft in years. No depth. Rank Team Player Pos. NFL 1 Original Quincelar Saquon Barkley RB NYG  2 QAnon Royce Freeman RB DEN 3 Qorrosion of Qonformity (from TMQ) Sony Michel RB NE

2018 QBallers Rookie Rankings

QBallers 2018 Fantasy Football Rookie Rankings Expert rankings from QFL Nation insiders. Rank Player Name Pos Team 1 Saquon Barkley RB Giants 2 Calvin Ridley WR Falcons 3 D.J. Moore WR Panthers

2018 QFL Rookie Draft Order

Fifth year in row TenQ owns two first round picks in the rookie draft. 2018 Rookie Draft Order #1 Original Quincelar #2 QAnon #3 Qorrosion of Qonformity (from TMQ) #4 Quincing By Committee #5 Quincing By Committee (from Ziqa) #6 Qorrosion of Qonformity #7 QTang

2018 QFL RFA & UFA Orders

Restricted Free Agents Order Unrestricted Free Agents Nomination Order

Huge Drop in RB Pricing

QFL franchise and rookie contract pricing for RBs continued to plummet in 2018. All other position pricing remained stable. Franchising an RB only costs $20 today, seven years ago it was $28, the most of any position at the time. Converting a rookie contract for an RB costs $14 this year, down from $21 in […]

19th Annual QFL Auction & Rookie Draft August 19th

The cut to 8 deadline is this Sunday at TBD time. Selections are supposebly required to be input on Fantrax, but the League isn’t setup yet. Unfortunately, KeeperCommish folded operations, otherwise it could easily be able to handle this situation. Too bad no more insightful franchise, transition or free agent predictions (unless Shades is cajoled […]

83 Players Available For 2017 Playoff Pool

Unusually high $75 salary cap. Last year was $48. 9 hundo on the line. Players by NFL Team > FP/G

2017 #QFL Rookie Draft Results

Pick Player Team 1 Fournette Shane 2 Mixon Scott 3 Corey Davis Rishi

2017 #QFL Mock Rookie Draft

I put this together anyway because I own 25% of the overall draft picks in 2017. The privilege and benefit of my wisdom here without cost. You’re welcome. Pick Owner Player Pos. Team 1 Shane McCaffrey RB CAR 2 Scott Fournette RB JAX 3 Rishi Mixon RB CIN

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