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Shady QAnon Center of Multiple Shady Dealings

Did Shades win the playoff pool due to rules violations? Should he be allowed to keep week 17 free agent acquisition Devonta Freeman? Was there a week 16 unjustice done when opponent Quince Staples was allowed to switch out Jared Cook for Gurley after news broke too late for mere team owners to switch players […]

QFL Commish Appeals for Calm

Panic was sweeping the QFL before Pope Paul’s email over procedures to correct roster violations in the off-season and who got who in free agency last night as the 24 hour roster compliance deadline approaches.  From Paul. There has been a lot of chatter about how we are handling the processing of last night’s waiver claims (e.g. […]

COMCOMM Now Deciding Fate of First Free Agency

Pope Paul passes the buck… for two bucks. Shade’s appeal for leniency on his screwed up free agency bid didn’t go well with the Commissioner. But the Pope did allow an appeal to COMCOMM which is on-going, if Shades agreed to pay a $2 fine (his first of the season) regardless of the outcome.

Shades Appealing Free Agency Results

BQP is challenging the results of free agency based on the claim that Paul sent out the wrong email address. Text from Shades. sent mine to wrong email addy cause i clicked on the link in pauls email, which was spelled wrong It’s unclear how this will be resolved. It’s possible free agency results are recalculated, […]

QFL Auction is August 7th

Another baby for Hans' teat

It’s looking more and more like the 12th Annual QFL Free Agent Auction and Rookie Draft will be held in NYC on August 7th. It would be the earliest Auction in years and if the date stands, the cut deadline would be 132 days from today on July 24th.

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