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Top 25 Fantasy Football Rookie Keeper Prospects

1 Adrian Peterson RB Lynch might be better in 2007, but Peterson will be an elite #1RB from 2008-2011.
2 Marshawn Lynch RB Without an improved supporting cast, we project Lynch as a #2RB for fantasy.
3 Calvin Johnson WR Once a decade talent, but RBs are more consistent and don't take as much development time as WRs.
4 Brandon Jackson RB Unlike Peterson and Lynch, Jackson is the clear #1 RB on his team.
5 Michael Bush RB His upside is intriguing, but if he ends up on IR before the season, drop him down at least 5 spots.
6 Tony Hunt RB Has the size and opportunity to be the next Brandon Jacobs.
7 JaMarcus Russell QB Considering his 2008-2012 potential, Russell might go higher if a fantasy owner wants to address QB of the future.
8 Robert Meachem WR The second best rookie WR behind Johnson is still getting sorted out in training camp.
9 Anthony Gonzalez WR Needless to say he's in a great situation with Manning and the team needs him.
10 Ted Ginn Jr WR He can run, but can he catch? If you get points for return yards, move him up 5 or more.
11 Brian Leonard RB Value only as Steven Jackson handcuff.
12 Chris Henry RB Used to be in contention for #1RB on Titans, now just a third string scrub with upside IF given an opportunity.
13 Craig Davis WR #2 WR on San Diego doesn't mean as much as you might think.
14 Greg Olsen TE He's been active in camp, if you have a need at TE
15 Zach Miller TE We're not saying he's Vernon Davis, but he is outplaying all the veterans on the team.
16 Brady Quinn QB He could end up being good in a few years, but this is still Cleveland we're talking about…
17 Lorenzo Booker RB Has value only as Ronnie Brown handcuff.
18 Dwayne Bowe WR Bowe might be an undervalued gem in a few years as KCs only legit #1WR, but wait until we see how the QB situation shakes out.
19 Sidney Rice WR He's #3 on the team's depth chart, but has the size and opportunity to develop into a #1 (we don't like Troy Williamson or Bobby Wade).
20 Garrett Wolfe RB You might just want Adrian Peterson's handcuff the way Benson is playing right now.
21 Dwayne Jarrett WR Could be a nice pick this late, especially if David Carr takes over at QB in a few years.
22 John Beck QB Value in 2009 as Trent Green's heir apparent.
23 Antonio Pittman RB Move to Rams hurts keeper value.
24 Kevin Kolb QB Value in 2009 as McNabb's heir apparent.
25 Mason Crosby K He's a kicker. Hooray.