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Best First Round Rookie Picks In #QFL History

The results of my quick subjective survey of first round rookie selections dating from 2011 to 2003 is complete and the results may surprise you. Jim & Ian are only among the worst rookie draft performers. Benny is overrated. Hans’ selection of Jamaal Charles with the #12 pick in 2008 ranks among the best ever.

2012 Fantasy Football Rookie Rankings

These are my top 12 rookies to watch for tonight. If Trent goes to RB graveyard Cleveland, i’ll move him way down…

Thrice Rookie Draft Complete; First Free Agency This Week

The QFL3 rookie draft finally ended with Quickly Eliminated’s pick of Johnny White at 6:19 Monday, 4 days after the Auction finished. 2011 QFL Thrice Rookie Draft Results 1.QTopia – Mark Ingram, RB Saints 2.Ron Mexiq – Julio Jones, WR Falcons 3.QTopia (from Al Toon All Stars) -Daniel Thomas, RB Miami 4.Qutane – AJ Green, […]

Thrice Rookie Draft Reaches Half Way Mark

The QFL3 rookie draft is moving right along over email. Last night the League started round 2 with QTopia’s pick of Jake Locker. Ron MexiQ is up next.

Deuce Rookie Draft Results

The Deuce pulled off an historic mid-hurricane Auction Saturday night that finally ended at 2:30am Sunday morning with the rookie draft. Given the hour and the drunkenness, the results are pretty good.

QFL Rookie Draft Results

2011 QFL Uno Rookie Draft Results

QFL Uno Trade Announcement; Updated 2011 Rookie Draft Order

The Trade. SOQ sends 2011 2nd rounder (#20) HEPQ sends 2011 2nd rounder (#21) and future considerations Why bother to do this trade? QSN was told this trade “related to a side bet that Scott and I made a few weeks ago concerning the results of the Bachelorette”. Very fishy.

Deuce Trade Announcement; Updated 2011 Rookie Draft Order

The Trade PoLaq sends #5 overall pick in 2011 Membrillo sends #9 overall pick in 2011, Mike Williams, SEA ($2 L1), and Crabtree ($2 S2)

Deuce Trade Announcement; Updated Rookie Draft Order

The Trade. Nojoq sends Eli Manning ($6 L2) and Ryan mathews ($4 S1) Catch sends Romo ($13 L5) and #10 rookie pick

QFL Thrice Trade Announcement; Updated Rookie Draft Order

Thrice’s second pre-cut deadline trade is pretty big and involves two lawyers from the same firm. Talk about shady. QTopia now holds the #1 and #3 overall rookie picks. The Trade. QTopia sends Roddy White ($3 L3) Al Toons sends #3 overall rookie pick in 2011

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