What is an Auction League?

An auction league is an alternative option to the more common snake
draft format for acquiring players at the start of a fantasy season.
Many people feel that being good at a snake draft boils down to being
lucky with draft pick position. To mitigate the luck factor, auctions
have become popular ways for fantasy leagues to acquire players
because it’s not based on what draft pick you get. In an auction, every
team can bid on any player, so no excuses if you come away with a bad

Most auction leagues have a $100 or $200 per team salary cap. So, each
team in a league enters the auction with this set amount available to
bid on the players they need to make up their roster for the season.
In an auction league, weekly free agent and waiver acquisitions can be
handled differently because teams may have to adhere to a salary cap
all season. In this case, it’s not uncommon to conduct blind free
agent bidding rather than use a first come first served approach. If
the draft isn’t going to be based on luck, why should free agent
acquisitions? On the other hand, some auction leagues don’t adhere
to a salary cap after the initial player acquisition, so bidding
isn’t necessary.

Key characteristics:

* Team salary cap
* Weekly free agent bidding
* Takes longer than a traditional snake draft
* More typical for keeper leagues