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2007 Place Kicker Rankings
QB - RB - WR - TE - K - D - Rookies 
Group 1
Kaeding, Nate
Wilkins, Jeff
Vinatieri, Adam
Graham, Shayne

Kickers can play forever, so age doesn't matter. So, just take whoever sounds good. It's just the kicker.
Group 2
Brown, Josh
Gould, Robbie
Elam, Jason
Hanson, Jason
Rackers, Neil
Mare, Olindo
Stover, Matt
Scobee, Josh
Gostkowski, Stephen

Group 3
Nedney, Joe
Kasay, John
Reed, Jeff
Tynes, Lawrence
Nugent, Mike
Medlock, Justin
Longwell, Ryan
Folk, Nick
Crosby, Mason
Prater, Matt

No reason to get any of these unless you use more than one K.
Group 4
Lindell, Rian
Feely, Jay
Bironas, Rob
Janikowski, Sebastian
Dawson, Phil
Brown, Kris
Gramatica, Martin*
Rayner, Dave
Suisham, Shaun
Bryant, Matt

Starters on really bad teams or guys who could step into a starting role during the season.