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2007 Quarterback Rankings
QB - RB - WR - TE - K - D - Rookies 
Group 1
Palmer, Carson
Manning, Peyton
Brees, Drew
Brady, Tom

Has played at a consistent high level for the last three years and is young enough to do it for another three years.
Group 2
Bulger, Marc
Rivers, Philip
Romo, Tony
Kitna, Jon

In good situations and have performed when given the chance. Minor injury or inexperience concerns.
Group 3
McNabb, Donovan
Hasselbeck, Matt
Delhomme, Jake
Favre, Brett

Last of the QBs that you can start in 2007. Have been consistent enough, but have cloudy futures or are older. Recommend backing up with a tier 4-5 QB of the future.
Group 4
Leinart, Matt
Young, Vince
Roethlisberger, Ben
Smith, Alex
Manning, Eli
Garrard, David
Losman, J.P.
Schaub, Matt

All these QBs have the potential to join the top Group, but if they do, it probably won't be until next year. Could give you decent production this year, but you probably don't want to depend on them to be your starter. The high upside group.
Group 5
Russell, JaMarcus
Cutler, Jay
Campbell, Jason
Vick, Michael*

These guys could be good in 2008 or 2009.
Group 6
Grossman, Rex
McNair, Steve
Pennington, Chad
Harrington, Joey

You could spot start these guys with tier 3 guys if you had to.
Group 7
Jackson, Tarvaris
Culpepper, Daunte
Frye, Charlie
Simms, Chris
Leftwich, Byron

Inexperienced veterans, or have gotten a chance and have underperformed. Maybe as a bye replacement only.
Group 8
Green, Trent
Croyle, Brodie
Huard, Damon
Beck, John
Lemon, Cleo

You probably don't want a KC or Miami QB. Maybe Croyle or Beck in '09 or 2010.
Group 9
Carr, David
Quinn, Brady
Smith, Troy
Stanton, Drew
Rodgers, Aaron
Beck, John
Clemens, Kellen
Kolb, Kevin

Backups in the NFL that are worth watching for the 2010, possibly the 2009 season. This is the lowest you should be considering.
Group 10
McCown, Josh
Warner, Kurt
Griese, Brian
Johnson, Brad
Feeley, AJ
Batch, Charlie
Volek, Billy
Dilfer, Trent
Garcia, Jeff
Brunell, Mark
Anderson, Derek
Sorgi, Jim

These are guys that could fill-in in a desperate situation if the QB in front of them goes down.
Group 11
Boller, Kyle
Nall, Craig
Johnson, Doug
Ramsey, Patrick
Rosenfels, Sage
Bollinger, Brooks
Cassel, Matt
Martin, Jamie
Hasselbeck, Tim
Walter, Andrew
Wallace, Seneca
Frerotte, Gus
Plummer, Jake
Collins, Kerry
Holcomb, Kelly

You wouldn't want to start any of these guys even if you had to, in fantasy or real football.
Group 12
Orton, Kyle
Tuiasosopo, Marques
Orlovsky, Dan
Gradkowski, Bruce
Shockley DJ
Edwards, Trent
Basanez, Brett
Rowe, Jeff
Dorsey, Ken
Parsons, Preston
Bouman, Todd
Martin, Ingle
Van Pelt, Bradlee
Navarre, John
Gray, Quinn
Henson, Drew
Thigpen, Tyler
Lorenzen, Jared
St. Pierre, Brian
Whitehurst, Charlie
Greene, David
Hill, Shaun
Fitzpatrick, Ryan
Smith, Kent
Collins, Todd
Palmer, Jordan

Longshots to even play at all this year. Even if they're starting you don't want to start them.

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