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2007 Running Back Rankings
QB - RB - WR - TE - K - D - Rookies 
Group 1
Jackson, Steven
Addai, Joseph
Gore, Frank
Maroney, Laurence

The Young Elite - Limited experience, but proven. Clear #1's in fantasy and real life. Likely to play at high level for next 4 years.
Group 2
Tomlinson, LaDainian
Johnson, Rudi
Johnson, Larry
Westbrook, Brian
Henry, Travis
Alexander, Shaun

The Old Elite - Clear cut #1 fantasy starters that are still young, but may not have 4 years left in the tank.
Group 3
McGahee, Willis
Parker, Willie
Brown, Ronnie
Portis, Clinton
Bush, Reggie
Jones, Julius
Williams, Carnell

Prime Keepers - Young enough and good enough to start for your fantasy team for as long as you're allowed to keep them.
Group 4
Jones-Drew, Maurice
Barber, Marion
Benson, Cedric
Jacobs, Brandon
Norwood, Jerious
Peterson, Adrian (MIN)
Lynch, Marshawn
Williams, DeAngelo
White, LenDale
Jackson, Brandon
Turner, Michael

Young Up-And-Comers - High upside players for next year that will also help this year (except for Turner). These guys, along with Group 7, are the future of your franchise, and you should look here when building long-term.

Group 5
Jones, Thomas
McAllister, Deuce
James, Edgerrin
Taylor, Fred
Lewis, Jamal
Green, Ahman
Jordan, LaMont
Dunn, Warrick
This Year Only - ...because they're old. Maybe one more year for some, but they shouldn't be in your long-term plans.
Group 6
Bell, Tatum
Foster, DeShaun
Taylor, Chester
This Year Only 2 - ...because they're losing their job to someone younger and better. Worth a flier if you think they may move teams next year.
Group 7
Jones, Kevin
Washington, Leon
Bush, Michael
Henry, Chris

Next Year Only - Potential studs for 2008. High upside, but value this year is limited.
Group 8
Brown, Chris
Betts, Ladell
Thomas, Anthony
Morency, Vernand
Rhodes, Dominic

Desperation Picks - Potential
"Starters" that don't deserve to be. Have experience, but never really did anything. Betts could be valuable if Portis has more injury problems.
Group 9
Dayne, Ron
Bell, Mike
Calhoun, Brian
Duckett, T.J.
Shipp, Marcel
Pittman, Michael
Goings, Nick
Hunt, Tony
Peterson, Adrian (CHI)
Robinson, Michael
Wolfe, Garrett
Leonard, Brian
Morris, Sammy
Ward, Derrick
Keith, Kenton
Booker, Lorenzo
Young, Selvin
Droughns, Reuben

Backups - These are conventional backups that probably aren't going to seriously challenge the starter, but will still see carries. Ron Dayne could get a couple starts...
But, if you're starting two RBs, you shouldn't have any of these guys on your roster at all.
Group 10
Sapp, Cecil
Wright, Dwayne
Gado, Samkon
Harrison, Jerome
Fargas, Justin
Dorsey, DeDe
Arrington, J.J.
Herron, Noah
Buckhalter, Correll
Pittman, Antonio
Bennett, Michael
Watson, Kenny
Smith, Musa
Morris, Maurice
Davenport, Najeh
Faulk, Kevin
Wright, Jason
Hicks, Maurice
Thompson, Tyson
Clayton, Thomas
Irons, Kenny*

2nd or 3rd Stringers - Without much chance of getting playing time barring injuries. Even then, you don't want to start these guys unless you also have injury problems.
Group 11
Lundy, Wali
Jamal Robertson
Toefield, LaBrandon
Perry, Chris
Fason, Ciatrick
Moore, Mewelde
Graham, Earnest
Anderson, Mike
Pearman, Alvin
Pinner, Atrtose
Taylor, Chris
Cason, Aveion
Minor, Travis
Houston, Cedric*
Moats, Ryan
Harris, Kay-Jay
Cartwright, Rock
Alstott, Mike*
Shelton, Eric
Barlow, Kevan
Weeks, Marquis
Williams, Shaud
Pope, PJ
Lawton, Luke
Smith, Kolby
Cobbs, Patrick
Bradshaw, Ahmad
Sproles, Darren
Ganther, Quinton
Weaver, Leonard

Scrubs! - If you're thinking of taking one of these guys, and you're not related to him, then don't do it! Take a backup TE or something...

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