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2007 Tight End Rankings
QB - RB - WR - TE - K - D - Rookies 
Group 1
Gates, Antonio
Heap, Todd
Gonzalez, Tony
Shockey, Jeremy
Davis, Vernon
Winslow, Kellen
Crumpler, Alge

All of these top TE's are still young except Tony G. Alge drops big time if Joey Harrington is his QB.
Group 2
Cooley, Chris
Witten, Jason
Watson, Ben
Smith, L.J.
McMichael, Randy

All these guys will get 600-700 yards and 3-7 TDs. LJ is in a contract year so he could blow up.
Group 3
Scaife, Bo
Johnson, Eric
Martin, David
Graham, Daniel
Pollard, Marcus
Daniels, Owen
Clark, Dallas
Miller, Heath
Scheffler, Tony
Olsen, Greg
Baker, Chris
Clark, Desmond

It's very risky to have one of these guys as your starter - they're good backup fantasy TE's. Pollard and Martin could benefit from new teams, but don't go crazy. Johnson could be a frequent target if the young Saints WRs don't step up. And sources tell us Cutler and Scheffler are gay lovers, so he'll get some passes thrown his way.
Group 4
Shiancoe, Visanthe
Troupe, Ben
Smith, Alex
Lewis, Marcedes
Campbell, Dan
Miller, Zach
Pope, Leonard
Lee, Donald
Stevens, Jerramy
Kelly, Reggie
Royal, Robert
Wrighster, George

You could, but why?

If you must: Miller, Troupe, Smith, Pope and Lewis all have potential. But do you really want a dude named Marcedes on your fantasy team?
Group 5
Fasano, Anthony
Manumaleuna, Brandon
Franks, Bubba
Blakley, Dwayne
Dunn, Jason
Wiggins, Jermaine
Boss, Kevin
Johnson, Darcy
Tuman, Jerame
Spaeth, Matt
Fletcher, Bryan
Yoder, Todd
Utecht, Ben
Wilcox, Daniel
Klopfenstein, Joe
Heiden, Steve
Bajema, Billy
Brady, Kyle
Schobel, Matt
Campbell, Mark
Bruener, Mark
Miller, Billy
Kleinsasser, Jim
Ryan, Sean
Heller, Will
Everett, Kevin
Beverly, Eric
King, Jeff
Rosario, Dante
Peelle, Justin
Anderson, Courtney
Madsen, John
Stewart, Tony
Euhus, Tim
Ghent, Ronnie

You're still reading the TE rankings? These guys are #5 fantasy TEs! If you have 5 TEs on your team this year, you're just not gonna win it.