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2007 Wide Receiver Rankings
QB - RB - WR - TE - K - D - Rookies 
  Third Year Wide Recievers are in italics

Group 1
Smith, Steve
Wayne, Reggie
Johnson, Chad
Williams, Roy
Fitzgerald, Larry
Holt, Torry
Houshmandzadeh, T.J.
Boldin, Anquan
Colston, Marques

The Young Elite - Holt and Plax are over 30, but they've still got 3 years left. On good teams or at least teams that throw a lot.
Group 2
Harrison, Marvin
Owens, Terrell
Driver, Donald

The Old Elite - All well past 30. They will help you win this year, but have lower long term value.
Group 3
Walker, Javon
Evans, Lee
Johnson, Andre
Edwards, Braylon
Burress, Plaxico
Jackson, Darrell
Moss, Santana
Chambers, Chris

First Group Talent - ...with a shitty QB, run-happy offense, or O-Line problems. Or just a shitty attitude, in Moss' case. Still worth drafting, but borderline for #1 fantasy starter, better as #2.
Group 4
Johnson, Calvin
Brown, Reggie
Branch, Deion
Coles, Laveranues
Moss, Randy
Ward, Hines
Clayton, Mark

Solid #2's - That have the upside to put up #1 stats. Calvin might not do it this year, but has the most long-term value.
Group 5
Berrian, Bernard
Curtis, Kevin
Henderson, Devery
Cotchery, Jerricho
Curry, Ronald
Jones, Brandon
Hackett, D.J.
Jackson, Vincent
Holmes, Santonio
Jones, Matt
Stallworth, Donte
Williamson, Troy
Jennings, Greg

Potential - But don't overdo it. These would be OK #3 fantasy starters. Also good to draft late or cheap, and stash until next year. Or trade them if they blow up.
Group 6
Bruce, Isaac
Mason, Derrick
Glenn, Terry
Galloway, Joey
Horn, Joe
Muhammad, Muhsin
Kennison, Eddie

TYO (This Year Only) - All these guys are on their way into retirement in the next year or two.
Group 7
Henry, Chris
Crayton, Patrick
Marshall, Brandon
Carter, Drew
Jarrett, Dwayne
Ginn, Ted
Bowe, Dwayne
Bradley, Mark
Porter, Jerry
Wade, Bobby
Washington, Nate
Stokely, Brandon
Wilford, Ernest
Williams, Reggie
White, Roddy

Fantasy Bench - This group shouldn't be started, but many are good keeper projects for next year - Crayton, Marshall, Jarrett, Ginn, Bowe all have good 2008-2009 potential.