A Must Watch For All Quinces

Fuck the Globes! Murder Mystery is the best movie ever!

At least 7 “Quince” references in one movie and it only won a People’s Choice Award for best comedy?! BS

First QFL Tie

The first ever tie in the decimal scoring era of QFL Nation occurred in Deuce League, the same week as the most lucky win ever in QFL Prime.

From da QFL Deuce commish.

Two owners had identical scores last week 52.87 Klip Nasty and Pigskin Pimps. These are the regulations for resolving a tie…
SECTION 2Article 1Reference material may be consulted at


GAME TIE-BREAKERSTie breakers for games are as follows:

Most Cumulative Touchdowns In Starting Lineup

Most Cumulative Touchdowns On Team Roster

Highest Individual Player Score

Coin Flip

Both had 2 TD in their starting lineupsKilo Nasty had 4 TDs on their bench vs Pimps with 3 TDs
Win goes to KN

Luckiest Win in QFL History

TenQ continues to pull off Tim Tebow like miracles in fantasy football.

The latest feat is being called the luckiest win in QFL history.

It’s pure luck anytime you win a QFL game when:

  • scoring less than 50 points
  • one of your players scores negative
  • starting Bo Scarbrough (or any NFL team’s RB4)
  • three regular starters are on bye
  • it comes down to the last play on MNF and you need an INT
  • the margin of victory is the lowest mathematically possible at .01 pts

After 3,972 QFL games, in week 12 of QFL season 21, all of these events appear to have combined into one unbelievably unlikely win for TenQ, the already recognized leader in lucky shit happening to, IF there are no scoring changes. Coincidentally, earlier this year TenQ benefited from a late scoring change against #1 team ATCQ which resulted in a less than 1 point win after previously showing a loss on the Fantrax website. Yeah. That Lucky.

In yesterday’s wild example, TenQ beat division rival QBC by a score of 47.03 to 47.02 on the second Goff INT in the final seconds of Monday Night Football to keep pace for a second place bye.

TenQ was fielding texts from owners ranging from enraged to congratulatory until 1am Tuesday morning and starting again just before 6am ET (thanks Ted).

From Ted

Seriously you lucky fucker

Literally the luckiest win in QFL history

A week 13 win and an ATCQ loss would put TenQ in first place after the regular season by virtue of the lucky scoring change’s impact on the tiebreaker. It seems almost a done deal it will happen at this point.

Anyone Else Missing KeeperCommish?

What is each team’s available salary cap?

What are each team’s position need(s)?

Did Shane sneak a peak at the commissioner emails before his own keepers were submitted?

Why did we have to wait at least 15 hours after the deadline for the keepers to be released to the rest of us plebs?!

Anyone else missing KeeperCommish?

QFL Trade Announcement

FOUR first round picks trade hands in first transaction of 2019!

TenQ moves to #4 overall.

The new The Deuce Qs Franchise’s first move is to accumulate 3 late first round picks in worst rookie draft in decades.

The Trade

TenQ sends the #7, #12 & #19 overall picks in 2019

TDQ sends the #4 overall pick in 2019 and their 2020 2nd rounder

2019 QFL Rookie Draft Order

Round 1TeamRound 2Team
4TenQ16OQ (from TMQ)
7TMQ19TMQ (from TenQ)
11TMQ (fom QAnon)23QAnon
12TMQ (from TenQ & QS)24QS

2019 QFL Rookie Draft Order

QOQ is on the clock. It would not be a surprise if the Patriots Homer took N’Keal Harry #1 overall throwing the whole draft into chaos. Paul takes Montgomery #2 sure thing. New franchise owner TMQ has the last good pick at #4, their first of two in the first round. 2020 is supposed to be a MUCH better class…

2019 QFL Rookie Draft Order

Round 1TeamRound 2Team
4TMQ 16OQ (from TMQ)
11TMQ (fom QAnon)23QAnon
12TenQ (from QS)24QS

QFL Franchise & Rookie Pricing History: 2019 Update

Quince Pricing Is Up

The 21st Annual QFL Free Agent Auction & Rookie Draft is August 25th at 5pm. That means cut deadline and contract conversion considerations are on everyone’s mind.

QFL Cut Deadline August 11th

Cuts must be submitted on Fantrax AND emailed for the purposes of declaring contracts.

Assuming the numbers from Commissioner Nice Guy are accurate, if we compare them to years past, some trends emerge:


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The Devonta Freeman Test

This year it’s easy to create a pre-season power ranking for the QFL. Just look to see how many players each team owns that are ranked above the best QFL free agent Devonta Freeman (waived week 16 by TenQ in dramatic successful bid to win Quince Bowl XX).

QFL Prime Payments Coming Once Brexit Squared Away

The QFL Prime Commissioner’s Office announced today that the Commissioner’s Report closing out the 2018 season will be sent out to team owners “as soon as Brexit is fully completed.”

Commissioner-For-Life Shane noted that “the uncertainty of Brexit is like a sword of Damocles hanging over the QFL” despite the lack of any teams based in the UK. The Commissioner went on to vow “to produce the report as soon as possible – pending Brexit, the 2020 U.S. presidential election, full adoption of self-driving cars, and all nations switching their sovereign currencies into Bitcoin.”

Next steps after the report’s publication will include payment of winnings, which is currently scheduled for the week after the culmination of the Israel-Palestine peace process.

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