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#QFL Quattro Team Wins SuperQuince For First Time

Package Deihl is the first QFL Quattro team to win SuperQuince. TenQ places second for third time in five years.

2015 SuperQuince Final Standings

The 2015 SuperQuince Final Standings with prize pool payouts. League Team Week 14 Score Week 15 Score Week 16 Score Total Prize $ 3 Quickly Eliminated 86.1 127.69 105 318.79 600 1 Qtang 82.17 78.55 94 254.72 300 2 Pigskin Pimps 81.06 90.81 80.14 252.01 150 4 Tasselhoff¬† 62.84 99.28 80.51 242.63 150 See also […]

We’re Calling It Early SOQ Wins 2015 Playoff Pool

No need to wait until after the Super Bowl, SOQ Wins! There is no way Emmanuel Sanders scores 10 more points than Newton, Olsen, Gano and Carolina D combined. Sorry Inquinceables. No other team has any players left. It’s SOQ’s second playoff pool win in the last 5 years and third overall (that we know […]

ATCQ Wins #QFL Playoff Pool For Second Time

Ted’s ATCQ franchise was one easy lineup decision away from winning Quince Bowl 16 AND the playoff pool but alas TenQ’s mind games worked and Ted started Kenny Stills over Joique Bell week 14 and lost instead. Ted did manage to win the playoff pool for the second time in three years earning an estimated […]

Original Quincelar Wins #QFL Quince Bowl XVI

It’s well known but this post is for the history books, Rishi won Quince Bowl XVI and is now tied for second most Quince Bowl wins in League history with two. He won despite starting the season 0-3. Scott’s SOQ franchise placed second for the second year in a row despite dropping Brees and Foster […]

Turds Wins #SuperQuince, Rishi Out Of Masters League

The final numbers have yet to come in but since Peyton didn’t score more points than DT on MNF (and Vote Quimby lost to QTopia) the result appears certain. Deuce’s Deep Fried Turduckins has won the 9th annual SuperQuince competition, his second all-time. According to the rules, Turds will now replace Rishi in the Masters […]

#QFL Nation Scoring Records

Going unmentioned in yesterday’s SuperQuince post was the fact that Brockman also set a scoring record in week 10. NOJOQ now holds the #5 overall all-time high score in Deuce and the #9 overall all-time high score in QFL Nation*. That’s now two all-time high scores set this season. Rank Score Team Year League 1 […]

#QFL Deuce History of Champions

This is an unofficial history of Deuce Champions until it can be verified by someone in the League. Based on this preliminary survey there have been 6 unique champions in 8 years. We congratulate Membrillos for appearing in half of all QFL2 Quince Bowls. Turds has appeared in merely 3. QFL Deuce History of Champions […]

#QFL Deuce Scoring Records

Rank Score Team Year 1 155.25 Qonies 2014

QJ Sets #QFL Scoring Record

Shades’ Quintorris Jones franchise now owns the #5 overall all-time high score record after week 8 domination of QBC. Starting lineup: Foles Charles Nelson Gronk Hilton Watkins Bryant Miami D QFL All-Time High Scores Rank Total Pts Team Year 1 140.14 FahQ 2012 2 137.32 SOQ 2013 3 136 Q/P (now TenQ) 2000 4 135 […]

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