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QFL Prime Payments Coming Once Brexit Squared Away

The QFL Prime Commissioner’s Office announced today that the Commissioner’s Report closing out the 2018 season will be sent out to team owners “as soon as Brexit is fully completed.” Commissioner-For-Life Shane noted that “the uncertainty of Brexit is like a sword of Damocles hanging over the QFL” despite the lack of any teams based […]

TenQ Seeks First SuperQuince

UPDATED: to include Deuce League. The storied TenQ Franchise leads all known QFL Nation teams in SuperQuince competition so far in 2018. Reporting is spotty as of this post with no response from Deuce and unknown vitals on Quattro, nonetheless, a SuperQuince victory is the crown jewel of fantasy football competition awards and is within […]

2019 #QFL Rookie Mock Draft

The first rookie pick of the 2019 fantasy football season is coming into focus. David Montgomery and N’Keal Harry are the top prospects. Unfortunately, however, at this early stage, pundits are calling 2019 a weak fantasy football rookie class in terms of depth. In the QFL, the first overall selection in the 20th Annual Rookie Draft is […]

Biggest Mistake in QFL History? Plus other news and notes from the Deuce auction.

I’m sure you all have stories about the worst mistakes in QFL history for keepers, but this one is tops of the ones I have seen in Deuce. Former Champion and Former Commissioner, Dan (Pigskin Pimps) decided to franchise Gurley instead of rolling his rookie deal over to a Q1 at $17. The franchise tag […]

2018 QBallers Rookie Rankings

QBallers 2018 Fantasy Football Rookie Rankings Expert rankings from QFL Nation insiders. Rank Player Name Pos Team 1 Saquon Barkley RB Giants 2 Calvin Ridley WR Falcons 3 D.J. Moore WR Panthers

QFL Keeper Notes

QFL keepers have sort of been declared…QU missed cuts in fantrax and has been fined. Josh only kept 4 guys (a first?)  Does anyone remember a team even keeping less than 8? Top rated teams are Staples, QTang, TenQ.  Naming your team after a band is the move. QBC rated last.  Bold prediction. Top FAs:

19th Annual QFL Auction & Rookie Draft August 19th

The cut to 8 deadline is this Sunday at TBD time. Selections are supposebly required to be input on Fantrax, but the League isn’t setup yet. Unfortunately, KeeperCommish folded operations, otherwise it could easily be able to handle this situation. Too bad no more insightful franchise, transition or free agent predictions (unless Shades is cajoled […]

2018 QFL Rookie Draft Order

Rishi on the clock. 2018 Rookie Draft Order #1 Original Quincelar #2 Quintorris Jones #3 Qorrosion of Qonformity (from TMQ) #4 Quincing By Committee #5 Quincing By Committee (from Ziqa) #6 Qorrosion of Qonformity

QTang Wins Quince Bowl XIX

Defeats Ted, who has now lost two Quince Bowls in a row. Congratulations.

QFL2 Weeks 5 & 6 Skins, Fine and Update

WEEK 5: Two skins were up for grabs. Highest score in Week 5 was NOJOQ at 90.19. Needed 97.11… 3 skins to win in week 6. NOJOQ got big scores from Dak, AJ and Baltimore D to overwhelm (90.19-60.3) Catch who got duds from Big Ben and Evan Engram. MDW posted the 2nd lowest score […]

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