QFL 2 Skins and Update for Weeks 3 & 4

In Week 3:

Qonies, yours truly, posted a score of 102.93 to claim a skin with fairly balanced high scoring led by Cousins and Hyde taking a win over Polaq.
Brady, Gurley and Fitz scored an amazing 80+ on Pimps way to 99.35, dropping NOJOQ to his first loss.
Sooms Squad got a big game from the Brees-Cooks connection and the last big game of 2017 for Dalvin Cook to beat Quahogs.
Catch beat Enemy in the lowest scoring match up of the week. Enemy had the only 2 players to post double digit points in this contest, but still only managed 34.16 points, the lowest team score in the pre-bye week games.
MDW was the lucky winner vs Membrillos in the closest match up of the week, 51.69-51.27, closest of the YEAR so far.
Bombers won in a landslide in the blowout of the week, 94.59-41.88 over Turds.

5 Highest Scoring Players of the Week: Brady 31.85, Gurley 30.09, Cooks 24.57, Cousins 22.43, Rodgers 19.38

5 Highest Scoring Players on the Bench: Wilson 26.85, Diggs 25.25, J Howard 22.27, Bortles 21.75, Watkins 20.9

Highest Scoring FA = Case Keenum 23.4

Score for a Week 4 Skin = 99.31

In Week 4

Quahogs posted the highest score of 90.52 in the blowout of the week over Enemy, 45.82.
Sooms wins in the closest (though not particularly close) game of the week 60.66-51.23.
Polaq beat Pimps in the highest scoring game of the week, 90.02-79.39.
Bombers won, 64.43-45.79, over MDW in the lowest scoring game of the week.
NOJOQ defeated Qonies 72.25-56.54 to go to 3-1, alone atop the West.
Turds is the last Deuce team to get a victory with a 73.48-63.63 win over Membrillos.

5 Highest Scoring Players of the Week: Bell 25.94, Seattle Def 24, Gurley 21.9, Manning 20.79, Elliott 20.66

5 Highest Scoring Players on the Bench: D Watson 26.82, Newton 26.48, Houston Def 24, Winston 22.32, Dalton 22.08

Highest Scoring FA = Tyler Kroft 17.38

Quahogs score is not high enough for the skin…..carry over to Week 5 where there will be 2 skins to win.

Score for 2 skins in Week 5 = 97.11

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