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#QFL Deuce Trade Announcement, Updated Rookie Draft Order

The QFL’s learned elite team owners continue to divest away from DeMarco Murray, the latest Deuce trade announcement reveals. Bombers send Justin Forsett (Q1, $3) and 2015 2nd round pick (Membrillos) NOJOQ sends DeMarco Murray (T1, $13) UPDATED: 2015 Deuce Rookie Draft Order

Deuce Trade Announcement; 2014 Pick Update

The Trade. Mad Bombers sends 2014 First Rd Pick NOJOQ sends Justin Blackmon

Deuce Trade Announcement; 2013 Pick Ownership

Bomber has no 2013 rookie picks now. The trade with considerations. NOJOQ sends Alfred Morris Bombers sends 2013 first rd pick

Deuce Trade Announcement; 2013 Rookie Pick Ownership

Blockbuster announced. Mad Bombers sends Darren Sproles, Michael Vick and 2013 2nd Rd Pick Quahogs sends Robert Griffin III

QFL2 Trade Announcement; Updated 2011 Rookie Draft Order

 The first trade of the season for QFL2 comes before they even have an Auction date set. The Trade. Membrillos send Reggie Wayne L5 $16 Bombers send V Davis L3 $2, Flacco O $4, 14th overall rookie pick

QFL2 Trade Announcement

It had been almost ten days since there was a trade in QFL2. Thought there was something wrong for a sec… Mad (Bombers) sends Big Ben ($7 L1) Fantasy Enemy sends Flacco ($4 O) and a 2011 1st rounder

QFL2 Trade Announcement

MAD BOMBERS send Schaub L2 $12 and Moeaki L1 $1 NOJOQ sends V.Davis L3 $2 and Roethlisberger L1 $7 UPDATE: This is the second trade between these same teams in four days. Combined it looks like this: Vernon Davis, 2011 2nd and Roethlisberger for Schaub, Moeaki and Hillis. There have been 5 trades in QFL2 […]

QFL2 Trade Announcement

NOJOQ sends his 2011 2nd rd pick Mad Bombers sends Peyton Hillis ($4 L1)

QFL2 Trade Announcement

Mad Bombers sends Jason Witten ($5 L1) and 2011 first round pick Sqyline Qonies sends Larry Fitzgerald ($21 L7)

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