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Thrice Trade Announcement; Updated 2013 Pick Ownership

Thrice trade market is officially red hot after three trades in three days. The latest to hit the books: Vote Quimby sends Jahvid Best L1 $1 Revenge of the Cox sends 2nd round pick 2013

QFL Nation Week 11 Skins Update

Finally some action in the skins market. In The QFL, FahQ picked up seven skins probably worth around $525. The new average is 97.43. In QFL Deuce there is an unbelievable situation. Morning Woody beat Fantasy Enemy #1 by, get this, .01 points! 108.14 to 108.13. Franchise ownership has brought on Rishi as counsel on […]

MNF Final Skin Implications

The last chance to win a weekly skin ends after MNF tonight. From then on points accumulate for the SuperQuince prizes. Membrillos easily locked up three available skins with 106.59. No other team has a realistic shot at overtaking Membrillos tonight in QFL3. In the other two Leagues it’s another story.

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