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Free Agent Controversy

Background: Both OQ and BQP bid $1 on Emmanuel Sanders.  The software awarded him to BQP.  QSN reported this as an error in his “Results of Week 11 Free Agency” post, at which point Sanders was transferred from BQP to OQ.  However, after the transfer was made, BQP appealed the decision with support from SOQ. […]

QFL2 Up in Arms Over Alleged Abuse of Power by Commish

At 8:47 AM on the league message board previous QFL2 commissioner Nick posted:

Major Scandal Brewing In QFL3

UPDATE1: Crisis over. Witten was incorrectly desginated a franchise player on Balti-Morons roster, he should be transition tagged. It’s still early in the due diligence process, admitted Commissioner Radeck in an email to QSN this morning, however, it appears at least one very prominent team in QFL3 is holding two frachise players, in clear violation […]

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