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Who Won #SuperQuince 2017?

No one knows who won the last SuperQuince. Nor for that matter, how many QFL Colony League’s there are. The League from which the last known SuperQuince winner emerged, QFL Quattro, hasn’t been heard from in months.

#QFL Quattro Team Wins SuperQuince For First Time

Package Deihl is the first QFL Quattro team to win SuperQuince. TenQ places second for third time in five years.

2016 #SuperQuince Standings Week 15

The $900 SuperQuince prize is wide open. No one is running away with it after two weeks which is unusual. 45 points separate the top team from the bottom (same time last year it was more than double that). Last year’s winner from Thrice Quickly Eliminated is 37 points back. A thrice team has won […]

2015 SuperQuince Final Standings

The 2015 SuperQuince Final Standings with prize pool payouts. League Team Week 14 Score Week 15 Score Week 16 Score Total Prize $ 3 Quickly Eliminated 86.1 127.69 105 318.79 600 1 Qtang 82.17 78.55 94 254.72 300 2 Pigskin Pimps 81.06 90.81 80.14 252.01 150 4 Tasselhoff¬† 62.84 99.28 80.51 242.63 150 See also […]

#QFL Thrice’s Quickly Eliminated Wins SuperQuince

Its unofficial not all leagues have reported but we do know Quickly Eliminated won his League after scoring over 105 points so unless someone scored 150 QE is the SuperQuince X winner. Thrice league teams have now won 60% of all SuperQuinces. QE will take home half of the $1200 prize pool.

2015 SuperQuince Standings: Quickly Eliminated Dominating

Once Thrice could be bothered to update us all on their SuperQuince status it was revealed that, as predicted, Quickly Eliminated from Thrice is dominating. 2015 SuperQuince Standings

Week 14 SuperQuince Leader Loses

We are down to the final 8 potential SuperQuinces! The early favorite, Hey Kids franchise, lost by .07 points leaving another Quatro team, El Toros, in first place overall. Hey Kids was dominating after 1 game so this really opens up the field. A Quatro team has never won SuperQuince but two of the top […]

‘Hey Kids’ From #QFL Quatro Crushing Early SuperQuince Standings

The Hey Kids franchise from QFL Quatro holds a 15 point lead over FahQ in the SuperQuince standings after 1 game. Both teams are 6 seeds in their respective leagues. No Quatro team has ever won SuperQuince. 16 teams remain in the competition.

Congratulations 2016 #SuperQuince Hopefuls!

The top 24 #QFL Nation teams competing for the $900(?) 2016 SuperQuince prize are set and ready to go! Last year’s SuperQuince and the only team to have won it twice, the Deepfried Turduckins Franchise from Deuce, did not make the cut. Two 6-7 teams did somehow though. Based on regular season record four teams […]

Turds Wins #SuperQuince, Rishi Out Of Masters League

The final numbers have yet to come in but since Peyton didn’t score more points than DT on MNF (and Vote Quimby lost to QTopia) the result appears certain. Deuce’s Deep Fried Turduckins has won the 9th annual SuperQuince competition, his second all-time. According to the rules, Turds will now replace Rishi in the Masters […]

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