COMCOMM Now Deciding Fate of First Free Agency

Pope Paul passes the buck… for two bucks. Shade’s appeal for leniency on his screwed up free agency bid didn’t go well with the Commissioner. But the Pope did allow an appeal to COMCOMM which is on-going, if Shades agreed to pay a $2 fine (his first of the season) regardless of the outcome.

From Paul to Shades.

If your erroneous claims would have not affected the announced results, I would offer leniency in exchange for a standard $2 fine (for failure to follow proper procedures of making FA claims).
However, since you sent the email the email to the wrong address, and most importantly, your claims affect two tiebreakers that have already been announced (Denver and James Starks would be reversed…my pick up of the Seahawks would stay the same), my decision is to deny your request.
If you want, I can ask Comp Comm. for its opinion as an appeal, but it will cost you a standard $2 fine (for wasting everyone’s time on account of a failure to follow proper procedures of making FA claims), and of course, your appeal might not be granted by comp comm.
It’s your choice. You can either (1) appeal my decision, accept the fine, and see if Comp Comm. disagrees with my decision; (2) let it go with no fine.

From Paul to COMCOMM.

Shades has requested to appeal my decision below not to allow his FA claims.
FA was announced without his claims since he did not send them to the proper email address. He has already accepted a $2 fine for the appeal.
Accepting his appeal would change the results of two tiebreakers that have already been announced. First, Shades would win Tiebreaker One over Jay because they both bid $2 on Denver D and Shades’ number is closer. Tiebreaker Two (formerly was Tiebreaker One) would stay the same and I would keep Seahawks D, but Tiebreaker Three (formerly Tiebreaker Two) would also change because the new number is closer to Seth than Rishi.

Everyone got that? So far only COMCOMM member Shane has come out against Shades’ appeal.

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