Proposal to have the QFL Represented in the WCOFF

An interesting proposal from a QFL2 team that has QSN’s full support.

A proposal to have the QFL represented in the World Championship of Fantasy Football.
This year’s rules, etc. can be viewed here:
As you can see, the entry fee is $1,800 per team.  However, the grand prize this year is $300,000 plus a trip to Dallas for the real Superbowl (where the Cowboys will be playing a home game…..ah, the preseason memories).
I propose that each QFL league puts in $600 (that would only be $50 per team).  That could either be done as an added fee or some of it may be taken from the Prize Pool.  Each of the three QFL champions would be in charge of drafting and managing the team the following year (as a committee).  For example, the QFL, QFL2 and QFL3 champions from this season would manage the QFL WCOFF team next season.  Any prize money generated from the team up to a certain amount would be held to finance the team in future seasons.  Any prize money generated in excess of the “held” amount could be put into the QFL Prize Pool the following year. 

Each of the QFL champions would be responsible for any travel related costs to take part in the live draft.  If they were not able to participate, it could move down the line (runner up, 3rd place, etc).  Perhaps if they pass on the draft, they also pass on the management of the team for the season as well (something to consider).
I think it would be nice to have the QFL represented as a group in the WCOFF and also provide a new way for all of the QFL leagues to collaborate about fantasy football.  Can you see the possibilities of the comments and Monday Morning QBs from all 3 leagues?  Talk about putting some pressure on the champions. 

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One Response to “Proposal to have the QFL Represented in the WCOFF”

  1. SOQ says:

    This is pretty cool.

    It’s a bummer that they only send 2 people to the Superbowl though. I guess maybe we could have the QFL leagues finance the 3rd person’s expenses? Or maybe we just come up with a method for determining one winner and that guy can take whoever he wants.

    I also notice that they don’t say anything about tickets to the game itself, just airfare and accommodations.

    We would also need to come up with a method for determining which of the 3 would participate in the draft as it seems like only one guy is allowed to be there.

    Concerning scoring, kickers seem absurdly powerful and D/ST seem relatively powerless.

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