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It seems like QFL Nation is moving just as fast as NFL Nation right now. Every League is at a different stage in the pre-season agenda, but every League has executed a trade already, which I don’t think has ever happened this early before.

An Auction date has been set by The Deuce, they are just negotiating between an Auction location in Manhattan or Belle Harbor. Its good to be Deuce. Their new guy Keith successfully went thru the hazing period and ended up receiving a unanimous approval vote. Only one pretend blackball!

Thrice is well on their way to an online Auction for the fifth year in a row. They are down to deciding between two dates. Thrice also executed a division re-alignment and has set their schedule already!

Meanwhile, the League that started all this mess 13 years ago has 4 days 19 hours before their cut deadline, according to KeeperCommish, and trade talks are going crazy.

Inside QFL-I
The cut deadline is Saturday, August 6th by 3pm. KeeperCommish is set to NOT release results until all teams have submitted so any late teams will be noticed and fined accordingly. Hopefully a lot.

There is a looming Commissioner vacancy with no replacement talks going. It may not be as easy as to install Scott by popular decree as was previously thought. Expect the issue to be resolved at the Auction and its anyone’s guess what happens if that is the case.

Trade talks are hot in QFL1. Every team has fielded a proposal from Nordstrom by now. If not your team must really stink. His persistent approach makes it seem like there is a lot of activity going on even tho only one of the three trades that have been executed so far has involved Bing’s Quest (Nordstrom’s team). Three pre-cut deadline trades is no record by a long shot, but its more than the last few years… and there’s time to go.

Some teams are going to try and Skype the Auction this year.

The TenQ waive of Boldin was an announced part of the Calvin Johnson for Chris Johnson trade.

Inside The Deuce
The Auction date is Saturday, August 27 but the time of start depends on whether its held in NYC or Belle Harbor.

Quahogs will not be in attendance. He’ll be running another triathlon probably and asked that yours truly runs his team. Other suggestions welcome.

Keith was voted in with no hiccups.

From Pope Paul-II.

Since I asked for a vote on Keith and I got 8 yes votes including my own. I got zero no votes….I assume the other 3 abstained… Keith is in and has taken control of team #1 on our site.

Inside Thrice
In Thrice you know its the start of the season when you get an email like this from Ron Mexi-Q.

What is the name of the site that we have all the rules and constitution at [here is a nice guide to QFL contracts too]? I need to spend the next 17 days trying to get through the first 20 pages in order to properly hire my MIT and Cal Tech interns to build me some sort of mathematical model just to keep who I’m allowed to keep for this next year. I did ask a few NFL salary cap guys if they would be interested in helping, but they laughed and said that our system was way too complicated.

The Auction date is between two Thursdays, either August 25th or September 1st. It will be held online as is tradition. They have never even tried by conference call, even tho its common practice in the other two Leagues. Most importantly Commish Radeck declared the cut deadline to be August 11th no matter what the Auction date. No challenge over the rule variance is expected from COMCOMM. Dues went up to $150.

From General Radeck.

Here are the 2 date choices I have come up with. It seems as though weekends are impossible so I have decided to make it Thursday night so if people in the DC area want to get together it may be easier. Eric has offered to host for those who wish to attend, at least he did in his previous email to me. (Sorry Eric if that’s not the case) Please let me know by Tuesday 8/2/11 which of these nights will work so we can finalize.

Thursday Aug 25th @ 6pm
Thursday Sept 1st @ 6pm

The times may be problematic due to the fact that Dan W lives in Arizona now so we may have to push that time back.

As far as cuts I am setting that date right now because we have to get it done. I need all of your keepers by midnight Aug 11th. Remember you can keep up to 8 players & 2 Practice Squad players if you have any on there.

I have realigned the divisions geographically. They are as follows.
Northeast Division
Russian Russians
Revenge of the Cox
Goonie Goo Goo

Central Division
Vote Quimby
Golden Smoot
Ron Mexiq

Western Division
Al Toon All Stars
Quickly Eliminated
Raging Alcoholics

The Western division was set up by default because 3 of you didn’t give me your address.

The buy in is now 150.

We are going to use ESPN online draft and all Transition & Franchised tagged players will be dealt with before we activate the draft room. I think conference calling may be a solution to the problem, does everyone have skype available to them because they do have a conference call feature.
Lastly, all trades are now open. Email me any trades you wish to make. I will also sift through all the previous trades and email everyone a rookie draft order as soon as I figure it out.

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