Deuce’s Quahogs Joins Fantasy Enemy and PolaQ In $20 Fine Club

The Deuce is pissed at Quahogs after the team fielded 3 players on a bye and one (McGahee) who was a well known inactive. The $20 fine is seen as too small by many, but don’t forget that the 17 points Quahogs has put up so far this week (granted with Rivers to go) would also subject the team to the $20 lowest score of the season slaggers dues fee.

From Pope Paul-II.

I know the $20 fine was to inspire owners to stay active and be disciplined about being able to field a full line up each week, but Quahogs week 8 activity begs the question, “Is it enough?”. Brian fielded only half of a line up this week playing Michael Turner, Connor Barth, and Green Bay’s Def all on byes. He also played Willis McGahee who was OUT with surgery to repair his broken hand….well known in advance of this weekend.

He didn’t make a waiver claim or a FA bid for a K on his only K’s bye week.

He had viable players to replace in the line up for Turner and McGahee and he had a defense to play (Denver).

A couple of people are annoyed at Brian for laying down this week to Turds although Will’s team is doing it’s best to lose anyway.

All this being said, I believe the $20 fine is all that should be charged to Brian. Perhaps when he is back from his latest non-fantasy sport weekend (I understand he ran a marathon in NC?) he should send a league wide email proclaiming his deep regret.

Let it be known: The 2nd fine is always double the 1st, the 3rd fine is double the 2nd and so on.

While roster violations start at $2, $4, $8…..
Game day illegal line up fines go $20, $40, $80

Fantasy Enemy, Polaq, and Quahogs have all been hit with a $20 fine……lets never see a $40 fine.

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