FahQ Sets All-Time Winning$ Record

Yesterday’s release of The 2011 QFL Commissioner’s Report confirms what many suspected weeks ago, by winning Quince Bowl XIII, the Super Quince and seven weekly skins, FahQ crushed the all-time single season net money winning’s record by almost $240. It definitely helps that the value of a skin is up 14.5% from last year (from $74.72 to $85.50).

Top Three All-Time Single Season Net Winnings Records:
#1 2011 FahQ $2.709.01 (Quince Bowl, Super Quince, 7 skins)
#2 2010 TenQ $2,548.58 (Quince Bowl, Playoff Pool)
#3 2008 QUnet $2,120.21 (Quince Bowl, XX skins)

From FahQ.

This almost makes up for all those years of 60Q losing and paying out. Almost.

FahQ still holds the lowest all-time single game score record of 8 in 2001.

The only rain on the horizon for FahQ is collecting on McDs share. $600?!! Baaahhh! Good luck finding that guy.

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