Bings Quest Fined Measly $5 Waives Mendenhall

Bings Quest waived Mendenhall to get under the cap and into compliance 18 days late and was fined a mere $5 by Commissioner Nice Guy!

From Commish.

I am fining you $5 total for this episode, which is slightly more than 25 cents per day that you were over the $100 salary cap. You were over the cap for 18 days. The Constitution states that there is a $100 salary cap in effect during the offseason as well as the regular season.

If this had happened during the regular season, the fine would have been higher. There are mitigating circumstances though because this happened during the offseason, it hasn’t had any effect on competition (thanks to this being caught prior to the cut deadline), you resolved it as soon as you were notified, and ASS has been down for part of this time.

I feel $5 is an appropriate fine in this instance.

More on A.S.S. later. Will Nordstrom’s next fine be $10 following the doubling rule?

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