Someday SuperQuince Could Be Won By A Girl

New co-owner of Thrice franchise Ron MexiQo

New co-owner of Thrice franchise Ron MexiQo

#QFL Nation Gets Our Own Jenny MacArthur.

You know Jenny MacArthur from the TV show The League. Well, QSN has confirmed that QFL Nation will be joined in competition for the first time ever by a girl. Her name is really Jenn.

We don’t know how good she is yet, but rumor is she won one of Rishi’s league’s last year. One thing is for sure, she can’t be worse than the previous owner, the esteemed Michael Michaels of the Ron MexiQo franchise in QFL3.

Ron MexiQo holds the #2 overall pick in the rookie draft this year. Some conjecture that Jenn, who is known as a college football aficianado, may have been brought in to advise on that one very important pick (word of advice, don’t take Tavon Austin). But after QSN reached out to Michaels it was discovered there might be even a different motive.

QSN interview with Michael Michaels of Ron MexiQo (Thrice).

rumor is you have brought on the first ever girl team owner to help manage the mess you call a QFL franchise. true?

did you guys work at winston together?

is it just for advise on the #2 pick this year? i heard she watches college ball a lot

is she your mistress?

what is her pedigree? ie experience in fantasy football

one person with knowledge of the sitation said “This experiment has all the makings of a train wreck” can you comment on that please?

And got this response.

I did. She is very knowledgable in football and part of my master plan to extract myself from this god forsaken league by dropping it on her next year (after which she will never speak to me again, but a small sacrifice to get out of this league). We’ll see how we do, with two its easier to deal with that waiver wire crap and she’s competitive so will hate to lose and probably keep up with the league more than me. I’m just sad I lost Hernandez, what a wasted pick from a few years ago [18th overall selection in 2010 draft] (and really hurt me 3 TE set).

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