ATCQ Favored To WIN #QFL Playoff Pool

There are seven teams remaining in contention for the $1k QFL playoff pool prize money. If the Pats make it to the Super Bowl Ted will win. If Green Bay makes it, Shades will win. If the Seahawks make it to the Super Bowl most likely Hans would win, but TenQ and FRNQ are not mathematically eliminated. QTang, OrigQ, IQ, QBola and QBC have been eliminated.


Rk Team Wk Tot Notes
1 FREDNEQ 93.7 106.2 Needs Lacy & LaFell to put up numbers. TenQ & QU very similar rosters (Seattle)
2 TENACIOUS Q 79.4 103.4 Needs TY Hilton to go ballistic. Should have gone more Colts.
4 A TRIBE CALLED QUINCE 98.4 98.4 Still has all his players. All Pats (- Blount) + Lacy & Lynch.
5 QUINCE UNITED 83.4 93.7 Needs Baldwin & Edelman otherwise exact same roster as FRNQ & TenQ
8 FAHQ 86.4 86.4 Needs Lacy and Edelman
9 STORMTROOPERS OF QUINCE 85.6 85.6 Still has all his players. Not as Pats heavy as Ted. Blount Cobb Seahawks D vs Edelman LaFell Patriots D
10 QUINTORRIS JONES 80.7 80.7 Still has all his players. All Green Bay
3 QTANG CLAN 71.4 102.3 Eliminated – Ted has same players +.
6 ORIGINAL QUINCELER 60.8 91.7 Eliminated – Roster matched by Scott except for Seahawks D
7 THE INQUINCIBLES 68.4 90.3 Eliminated – Scott has same players +.
11 QBOLA VIRUS 68.4 76.9 Eliminated – same roster as Duggan
12 QUINCING BY COMMITTEE 68.4 68.4 Eliminated – been eliminated since the moment rosters were announced and we saw Duggans identical roster plus Edelman
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