Qbola Virus Escapes Kicker Fiasco With Only $14 Fine

Cleary Paul, owner of Qbola, doesn’t read this blog because less than 2 weeks ago I described – and Fantrax favorited on Twitter – how to place a “tree bid” for only one player. Paul placed 4 bids for a kicker and forgot to set the max number of claims to “1” so he won all the kickers he bid on. He was then allowed by Ted to waive the extra kickers for a measly $14 fine ($2 + $4 + $8 for each waived kicker). Normally as everyone knows per Rule 78, Section 4, Subparagraph (a), you can’t do that. Paul should have to waive players and keep the kickers. But because (1) theyre “just kickers”, (B) Paul purportedly “begged” and (3) Ted is always on a crusade for more fines, this is the resolution that was arrived at. Outrageous to some. Understandable to others. Like it or not this is now QFL Nation precedent unless challenged. Who is Paul playing this week anyway? Better not be ATCQ. What does QFL Nation think about all this?

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One Response to “Qbola Virus Escapes Kicker Fiasco With Only $14 Fine”

  1. Com Dan says:

    Levying a fine is bullshit. Let them lie in their squalor. You pick up shit…deal with making your roster valid…not a fine. Yet another example of Q1 elitists changing rules to suit their needs. You all are a bunch of fucking quinces,

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