#QFL Masters Rookie Draft Results

Masters League held their 3rd Annual Auction Thursday night.

Results of RFA Bidding

No bidding on franchised AJ Green, but franchised Julio was bid up to $30 by UQ. Matched by Deacon.

Assuming there were only two RFAs in Masters this year? Masters League Franchise pricing is also unknown.

Masters Rookie Draft Order

Pick Original Current Player
1  QVE   SOQ  Zeke Elliot
2  FAHQ2   FAHQ2  Derrick Henry
3  Polaq   Polaq  DeAndre Washington
4  Dutch Masters   Master of Puppets  Sterling Shepard
5  Master of Puppets   Master of Puppets  Corey Coleman
6  MGJ   MGJ  L. Treadwell
7  Michael Sam/Brew   Master of Puppets  J. Doctson
8  Even More Quimby   Even More Quimby  M. Thomas
9  Unoriginal Q   Unoriginal Q  T. Boyd
10  Membrillos   SOQ  D. Booker
11  Deacons of Doom   Deacons of Doom  K. Dixon
12  SOQ   Master of Puppets  W. Fuller
13  QVE   QVE  J. Goff
14  FAHQ2   FAHQ2  C. Prosise
15  Polaq   Polaq  J. Howardd
16  Dutch Masters   Dutch Masters  M. Mitchell
17  Master of Puppets   Master of Puppets  D. Prescott
18  MGJ   MGJ  T. Sharpe
19  Michael Sam/Brew   Membrillos  P. Perkins
20  Even More Quimby   Master of Puppets  K. Marshall
21  Unoriginal Q   Master of Puppets  H. Henry
22  Membrillos   Membrillos  T. Ervin
23  Deacons of Doom   Deacons of Doom  C. Wentz
24  SOQ   SOQ  J. Williams

Does Polaq have Murray?

UDFA rookies going in the UFA auction have not been reported.

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