Biggest Mistake in QFL History? Plus other news and notes from the Deuce auction.

I’m sure you all have stories about the worst mistakes in QFL history for keepers, but this one is tops of the ones I have seen in Deuce. Former Champion and Former Commissioner, Dan (Pigskin Pimps) decided to franchise Gurley instead of rolling his rookie deal over to a Q1 at $17. The franchise tag started at auction at $24 and finished at a whopping $38. Pimps swallowed his pride and matched the huge bid from Membrillos (who was hosting a dinner party at the same time of the auction). That mistake cost the Pimps $21 this year (and potentially next year and the year after). When asked for comment, Pimps had this to say “Fuck you fuckers.” Only time will tell the true cost of this horrible mistake.

A close 2nd (well not really even close) in mistakesville in the Deuce, Ed (Polaq) decided to Q3, Aaron Rodgers at $29. The next highest salaried QB in Deuce – Tom Brady at $17 (who was a free agent at the auction). I’m pretty sure a transition tag would have saved Polaq about $6. But hey, it’s not $21 so there is that.

After the murder suicide committed last year by Rob (NOJOQ) and Nik (Membrillo) with AJ Green and Julio (both on franchise tags at the auction last year), both were free agents in the auction this year. Julio went first for $30 saving Membrillos $3 and AJ went for $32 (wtf??????) costing NOJOQ $3. In what world should AJ go for more than Julio?

Berlage (Qonies) came into the auction with $8 to spend. He’s got $59 tied up on Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell with another $17 on Freeman. We will see how that strategy works out for the reigning Masters Champion.

With 9 teams having $48+ to spend at the auction, you’d think lots of fireworks. But only one player changed hands in the RFA. Lots of inflation in the free agent auction though.

Let’s get this party started.

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