TenQ Faces QTang for Third Quince Bowl in 20 Years

TenQ and QTang are 1-1 against each other in Quince Bowls all-time. QTang defeated Q/P (now TenQ) in the first Quince Bowl ever. 14 years later TenQ got sweet revenge. The epic continues week 16 of QFL season 20! This is QTang’s 4th Quince Bowl appearance and TenQ’s 9th.

QFL Championship History

SeasonQuince BowlChampionRunner-up
2015XVIIQTangSOQ (now QOQ)
2014XVIOrigQSOQ (now QOQ)
2013XVTenQSOQ (now QOQ)
2009XIQuince (now ATCQ)FRNQ (now Quince Staples)
2008XQUnet (now TMQ)OrigQ
2007IXHepQ (Q coli)QUnet (now TMQ)
2006VIIIOrigQQUnet (now TMQ)
2005VIIFRNQ (now Quince Staples)FahQ
2004VISOQ (now QOQ)QRA (now ATCQ)
2003VQUnet (now TMQ)TenQ
2002IVQRA (now ATCQ)TenQ
2001IIIQC (now QBC)QYQY (now ATCQ)
2000IIQ/P (now TenQ)QC (now QBC)
1999IQTangQ/P (now TenQ)
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