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Deuce Commish Promises 2011 Commissioner Report Next Week

The QFL and QFL Thrice Commissioners have issued 2011 year end Commissioner Reports (Thrice’s just last week) prompting Deuce Commissioner Berlage to promise to release one for his League next week. From Berlage. I’ve been mia on QFL since second week of playoffs [he means first week. Got crushed by NOJOQ 113-60] My wife’s leaving […]

QFL2 Almost Collapsed Last Week

In response to the petty cheating allegations leveled on him earlier this season, Commissioner Berlage took a hard line on fines last Sunday doling out $48 worth against 8 teams. The ensuing uproar almost led to the total collapse of the League and was only resolved after an entirely new fine system was put in […]

QFL2 Voting on Stuff

Commissioner Berlage “The Bull” called for a vote on using LeagueSafe and when to hold free agency in two separate emails just after midnight last night.

Sober Says Troy Out

Commissioner Bull Berlage is still confirming as of today, but yesterday Sober “I am sober” Dan, emailed the league to inform them that the original co-owner of QFL2’s Pigskin Pimps, Troy B.,was not to be included in any further league correspondence. Adding only. Troy has vacated team. EOM

QFL2 Cuts Made But…

The Bull Berlage announced that QFL2’s cut-to-8 had occured on schedule Sunday night, but that some people had trouble using KeeperCommish.  3am email from Berlage. First year for Keeper Commish was not the smoothest……I’ll fill you in on corrections ASAP.

The Bull Berlage Takes over QFL2

Not one weekend after Tsar Niklas was toppled in a baby-led putsch, “The Bull” Berlage steps up to become the third commissioner of QFL2. Thank you Berlage! While not totally official yet, it appears that Berlage will easily ascend to the throne based on the early vote tally. Lacking the luxury of time Berlage has […]

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