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Former Commissioner Radeck Wins Thrice’s Pool

I bet you former Thrice Commissioner Radeck could give a sh!t about winning the $250 playoff pool. Team ownership outlasted a thousand people in the $8k USAToday survivor pool only to lose because of picking the Patriots in the Super Bowl. So close. And in his first year doing the pool too. He refused to […]

Thrice’s New Commissioner Dictator Doug Stages Coup Takes Over With No Vote

The crucial position of Commissioner has changed hands with apparently no vote in QFL Thrice. It could be the first successful coup ever in QFL Nation history, but something tells me there will be some kind of “show” vote taken after the fact so the new overlord can point to some last remnant of Constitutional […]

Thrice Releases 2010 Commissioner Report

Radeck released a preliminary version of his 2010 Commissioner Report to QFL3 members yesterday. The mighty Morons franchise, who dominated QFL Nation during the regular season, but choked in the playoffs, walked away with $215 after fee, fines and standard overcharges. The surprise League Champion and 5th ever SuperQuince, Rushing Russians took home almost $850.

Message From Radeck Re Tonight’s Free Agency

Commissioner of QFL3 Radeck issued a clarification regarding Randy Moss’s availability in free agency tonight.

Goonie Goo Goo Caught Cheating

The QFL3 franchise, Goonie Goo Goo (2-4), was caught cheating today in an undoubted attempt to game the system while the League Commissioner is out of the country. The team has been carrying 19 players on their active roster, in clear violation of Rule 23, Section 1, Article 2, since they picked up Mike Hart […]

Major Scandal Brewing In QFL3

UPDATE1: Crisis over. Witten was incorrectly desginated a franchise player on Balti-Morons roster, he should be transition tagged. It’s still early in the due diligence process, admitted Commissioner Radeck in an email to QSN this morning, however, it appears at least one very prominent team in QFL3 is holding two frachise players, in clear violation […]

General Radeck Retreats

QFL3 free agent bids will be accepted via email by midnight tonight. General Radeck wisely retreated from the idea of conducting pre-season free agency using A.S.S., but would not rule out the possibility of using A.S.S. in future weeks. The General did not indicate how tie bids would be resolved or if tree bids would be […]

QFL3 Keepers Announced

QFL3’s cut deadline passed last night without a hitch reports Commissioner Radeck. All teams’ keepers are accounted for and results should be out Sunday. From Radeck. It appears that I have all the keepers & I will sift through them this weekend & send out a report by Sunday night. Not going to say anything about […]

Doug Calls Special Vote

The outspoken owner of QFL3’s QTopia franchise, Doug, went around Commissioner “General” Radeck this afternoon and called for a vote on division re-alignment and increasing dues. Several owners have cast their vote already. No word from Radeck.

QFL3 Struggling To Schedule Auction

General Radeck is having a hell of a time finding a good date to schedule his leagues Fourth Annual Free Agent Auction & Rookie Draft. Between weddings and bachelor parties no weekend in August is good. Most Thursdays are bad too. The last league communication QSN is aware of was Saturday when a seemingly exasperated […]

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