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Jets D Week 11 Score Revised Down 6 Points

As predicted in an earlier post the Jets D had their week 11 score revised down by 6 points in all QFL Leagues. Miraculously, the score change only effected the outcome of one game in QFL Nation. The defending SuperQuince, Rushing Russians, ends up losing by 3.99 points to Revenge of Cox as a result […]

Thrice Trade Announcement; 2012 Rookie Draft Ownership

This trade may be reviewed by COMCOMM. Trades involving only “future considerations” are not allowed. The Trade. Rushing Russians sends Ben Roethlisberger ($6 L1) Golden Smoot sends “draft pick to be determined” Terms of the Trade.

QFL3 Trade Announcement

Goonie Goo Goo sends Jets D ($3 L2) The Russian Russians send Patriots D ($2 L1) and 2011 2nd Round Pick

Rushing Russians Caught Cheating

Jeez, Radeck leaves for a week and everyone tries their best to scam the system in QFL3. Yesterday Goonie Goo Goo was busted for a roster violation, today Rushing Russians (2-4) getsĀ bustedĀ for claiming a player off waivers that the team just waived. It is believed that both offenses are the team’s first. Massive fines when […]

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