Thrice Trade Announcement; 2012 Rookie Draft Ownership

This trade may be reviewed by COMCOMM. Trades involving only “future considerations” are not allowed.

The Trade.

Rushing Russians sends Ben Roethlisberger ($6 L1)
Golden Smoot sends “draft pick to be determined”

Terms of the Trade.

The draft pick will be determined as follows — Rushing Russians gets to choose between the following at the end of the 2011 NFL season and prior to Golden Smoot making any offseason trades:

1) Golden Smoot’s 2012 2nd Round Draft Pick.
2) Swapping Golden Smoot’s 2012 1st Round Draft Pick with the Rushing Russians 2012 1st Round Draft Pick. In the event that Golden Smoot has two draft picks that are both better than the Rushing Russians, the Rushing Russians could only take the lower (i.e. worst) of those two picks.

In the event that Golden Smoot has no 2012 1st Round Draft Pick, Rushing Russians could choose to postpone the decision until 2013 when the above scenario would repeat itself. The Russians could also postpone the decision until 2013 if Golden Smoot doesn’t have a 2012 2nd Round Pick AND Golden Smoot’s 2012 1st Round Pick is worse than the Russians.

The same rules as above would apply in 2013 (that the Russians could postpone til 2014 if the circumstances aren’t right) and so on for perpetuity. But the Rushing Russians would be forced to make a decision in any year where Golden Smoot has at least one first round pick AND Golden Smoot has at least one second round pick, regardless of whether Smoot’s first round pick is better or worse than the Russians.

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