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First Trade Of 2016 Announced In #QFL Deuce

Correction. This is the second reported trade of the season. NOJOQ  send Jonathan Stewart ($3 Q2) Turds send #16 rookie pick in 2016 This is the first recorded June 17. NOJOQ sends 2016 2nd round pick and 2017 first round pick Fantasy Enemy sends Julio Jones and Marvin Jones NOJOQ drops DeAngelo Williams

#QFL Deuce Trade; 2014 Pick Update

After this deal Turds has no more 2014 picks. The Trade. Qonies send Michael Vick T1 $3 Turds send 2014 1st Round Rookie Pick.

Deuce Trade; 2014 Pick Update

The first 2014 pick has changed hands in QFL2. The Trade. TURDS send 2014 2nd round pick Membrillos sends Jaquizz Rodgers

Deuce Trade Announcement; Updated 2013 Pick Ownership

The Trade. NOJOQ sends #2 overall rookie pick Turds send #5 overall rookie pick and the #17 overall rookie pick In addition, Turds agree to nominate Calvin Johnson with the #2 overall nomination and NOJOQ agrees to nominate Marshawn Lynch with the #7 overall nomination. Deuce 2013 Rookie Pick Order – Updated

Deuce Trade Announcement

The Trade. Seattle: Deep Fried Turduckins —> Sooms Squad Jones, James: Sooms Squad —> Deep Fried Turduckins Tampa Bay: Sooms Squad —> Deep Fried Turduckins

New Deuce Commish Goes Easy on Turds Franchise; 2012 Fine History

It’s fashionable to trample on the Constitution these days, even in QFL-II. Deuce’s new Commissioner passed on the opportunity to completely screw the Deep Fried Turds franchise this morning and instead fined the team a measly $2 for a transaction that would have set the original QFL on fire with rage.

Deuce Trade Announcement

The trade. Turds send Kendall Wright $1, R1 Membrillos send Robert Turbin $1, R1

Deuce Trade Announcement; 2012 Rookie Pick Ownership

The Deuce Commissioner announced a trade late last night, the League’s only trade in the last two weeks. The Trade. NOJOQ sends his 2012 2nd round rookie pick, Roddy White L5 $20 and Tony Romo L4 $14 TURDS send Andre Johnson L4 $25 and Jay Cutler L1 $7

Deuce Trade Announcement

Deuce’s fifth trade announcement in two weeks. The Trade. NOJOQ sends Pats D ($2 L2) plus James Starks ($2 L2) TURDS send Joseph Addai ($7 L1)

QFL2 Trade Announcement

Membrillos sends Maclin S2-$2, Sidney Rice L2-$3, Membrillos 2011 2nd round rookie pick Deep Fried Turds send J Charles O-$4, Tamme L1-$2 From Commissioner Berlage. This was an 11th hour deal emailed to me 7 minutes before 1 PM today. Originally, Johnny Knox was involved instead of Rice. Knox was not eligible to be traded […]

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