New Deuce Commish Goes Easy on Turds Franchise; 2012 Fine History

It’s fashionable to trample on the Constitution these days, even in QFL-II. Deuce’s new Commissioner passed on the opportunity to completely screw the Deep Fried Turds franchise this morning and instead fined the team a measly $2 for a transaction that would have set the original QFL on fire with rage.

Commish Brockman announced via email this morning that he would allow Turds to activate Greg Jennings from IR even tho such a transaction is strictly forbidden by the Constitution. It is too early to tell if COMCOMM will intervene.

From Deuce Commish Brockman.

Turds fined $2 for mistakenly putting Greg Jennings on IR and then re-activating him (much better than the alternative penalty).

2012 Fines Summary:

Team Totals

Membrillos $0
Quahogs $0
MDM $0
Pimps $0
Polaq $0
Qonies $26
Enemy $0
Sooms $2
Turds $2
Bombers $0
Catch 42 $0

How does Qonies have $26 in fines already?

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One Response to “New Deuce Commish Goes Easy on Turds Franchise; 2012 Fine History”

  1. Qonies with Mustard no onions says:

    Qonies fines? $20 was for the delayed Commissioner report. I promised a fine for myself…..Brockman followed through on that promise.

    The other $6 were a bit hazier…..something arbitrary I think about politics or calling his wife a beard….I don’t remember.

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