24 Hours To Correct Roster Rule IS BACK

QFL Championship jacket on display in Shane’s front hall vestibule

In case you haven’t heard, the QFL Commissioner announced recently that QFL Nation is adjusting the way we enforce roster rules following free agent or waiver pickups. We are going back to allowing a 24 hour period (or before first game) to correct any roster violations incurred due to these transactions, plus trades presumably.

Initially we tried the feature Fantrax makes available to enforce the rules but that was too restrictive for all the lawyers in the Leagues.

One issue this will hopefully address is for those that seek to drop multiple players in order to pick of one player in free agency.

From QFL Commissioner

1/3 of the league chimed in to say they were in favor of going back to the 24 rule. Since its already in the Constitution and just a matter of changing the setting in Fantrax, I think this should be sufficient to make the switch back to the way we used to do it.

Yeah, who needs the Constitution? Its more of a guideline.

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  1. Qonies with Mustard no onions says:

    Uhh….QFL2 never considered the Fantrax settings as new rules and so has allowed 24 hours to correct rosters all season. The mother ship is slow on this one.

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