Chaos Reigns In Thrice; COMCOMM To Review SuperQuince Eligibility

He that lieth down with dogs

Another week, another set of puny fines for massive lineup violations in Thrice. It’s at least the fourth week in a row that Thrice Commissioner Doug has handed down wrist slap fines for rule violations that threaten the competitive landscape of QFL Nation.

It’s finally reached a point where COMCOMM is discussing banning Thrice from SuperQuince competition this season. It’s not fair to the other teams that are following the rules to compete against Thrice teams that are not. But who can blame the Thrice teams for trying to get away with what they can? The fines are so small, why wouldn’t they take advantage? It’s just like the big banks happily paying mortgage fraud fines, they are a small cost of doing business at this point.

Doug is urged to increase fines to a punitive level or risk a one-year ban from SuperQuince.

Week 9 fines from Doug.

HTizze Like A Ross – Roster Violation – Only one Def on Roster – $4.

HTizzie Like A Ross – Illegal LineUp – No Defense Started – $6

Golden Smoot – Illegal Lineup – Ineligible Player – $4

The objection from Golden Smoot.

I find it ridiculous that a player ruled out at 7pm (according to every website I could find) on a Thursday Night game with a website that I cannot use my phone to change a lineup incurs a penalty.

I understand there is a risk with questionable players, but now that games are taking place 3 days a week, it is becoming increasingly hard to check every 15-20 minutes for a couple of hours before game time 3 days a week to make those judgments.

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