TenQ Seeks First SuperQuince

UPDATED: to include Deuce League.

The storied TenQ Franchise leads all known QFL Nation teams in SuperQuince competition so far in 2018. Reporting is spotty as of this post with no response from Deuce and unknown vitals on Quattro, nonetheless, a SuperQuince victory is the crown jewel of fantasy football competition awards and is within reach of TenQ for the 4th time in 7 years. As unbelievable as it may seem, TenQ has never won SuperQuince.

2018 Known QFL Nation SuperQuince Standings

LeagueTeamWeek 14Week 15Week 16Total

The most prestigious award in fantasy football is the QFL’s SuperQuince. Many can win a QFL League Championship. Only one can be SuperQuince. The Champion of Q Champions.

The TenQ Franchise from QFL 1 has won numerous Championship’s only to come up second on SuperQuince three times.

SuperQuince Winners Circle

SeasonSuperQuince WinnerLeaugeRunner-up
2017Fantasy Enemy*Deuce
2016Package DiehlQuattroTenQ
2015Quickly EliminatedThrice
2014Deep Fried TurduckinsDeuce
2013Vote QuimbyThriceTenQ
2012Revenge of CoxThriceTenQ
2010Rushing RussiansThrice
2009Deep Fried TurdsDeuce
2007Dead MoneyThrice

*under review

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