This year it’s easy to create a pre-season power ranking for the QFL. Just look to see how many players each team owns that are ranked above the best QFL free agent Devonta Freeman (waived week 16 by TenQ in dramatic successful bid to win Quince Bowl XX).

Using composite rankings every QFL Franchise owns 2-3 players ranked over Freeman (#32), except TenQ & Quince Bowl XX runner-up QTang who have FIVE. Quince Staples has 4. The new guys that took over the once proud The Mighty Quince franchise? Zero. 
[Now that I quit FantasyGuru because Hansen left, I’ve been mainly using and nothing else. If you are willing, please share your favorite fantasy football resources in the comments, or maybe your not-so-favorite to throw other League insiders off your scent…]

Spotlight on TMQ

The Good. Projected to have $58 available for 5 players at The 21st QFL Free Agent Auction and Rookie Draft. Franchise owns two first rounders in 2019 (#4 & #11) and all their future picks.

The Bad., Their best player, Lamar Miller, is ranked below several rookies for 2019. Their best dynasty keeper is Kenyan Drake $13. They have no viable defense. It gets worse.

The Ugly. Two of their projected keepers are not on NFL teams currently (Jay Ajayi and Chris Ivory). No joke.

Projected Keepers

  1. Lamar Jackson $1 Q2
  2. Proj. Rk #11: Kyler Murray $1 R1
  3. Lamar Miller $15 Q2
  4. Kenyan Drake $13 Q3
  5. Jerick McKinnon $2 Q3
  6. Jay Ajayi $2 Q2
  7. Chris Ivory $1 Q2
  8. Proj. Rk #4: Josh Jacobs $3 R1
  9. Zay Jones $1 Q2Vance McDonald $2 Q2
  10. James Washington $1 R2 (QFLE)

I would keep Chris Ivory over Jameis Winston. LOVE Washington. What does the peanut gallery think? Comments? These guys clearly need a lot of help.

One thought on “The Devonta Freeman Test”
  1. Rotoworld. And the franchise formerly known as The Mighty Quince has nowhere to go but up as the team was left for dead. They desperately need to have a stellar auction.

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