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2017 #QFL Masters Rookie Draft Results

# Team Player 1 Nik Membrillos Leonard Fournette 2 QOQ (from JAQ) Christian McCaffrey 3 QVE Joe Mixon

#QFL Nation Leagues Required To Use @KeeperCommish

The rumor that every League in QFL Nation will be required to use to facilitate their annual keeper declaration process this year is not true. Next year it will be required. The free service is invaluable to administrators of QFL Leagues who otherwise have to manually keep tabs on salary increases, contract designations, email […]

#QFL Masters Playoff Update

I think for the second year in a row, we will have DOD taking on SOQ in the championship game. Is that right, can someone confirm? I guess they truly are the Masters of the QFL.

#QFL Masters Week 10 Skins Update

Zeke Elliott….I mean SOQ put up a 103.82 to snatch the 4 skins up for grabs. DM came in a close second at 101.63. 99.22 is your number to beat in week 11. I am not doing an official playoff outlook other than to say: SOQ, Quimby, Deacons and UQ all looking good. Fahq2 in […]

#QFL Masters Skins Week 9

Polaq2 with the high score of the week at 90.97, but short of the score needed (99.68). Four skins up for grabs in week 10. Score to beat is 98.71. UQ fined $20 for an invalid roster. For the love of god, please stop using the app to do anything but check your score.

#QFL Masters Skins Update

QVE with the high score of 91.34, but well short of the 100.87 needed for the 2 skins. Week 9 will have 3 skins on the line. 99.68 is the number to beat.

#QFL Masters Week 7 Skins Update

Membrillos wins week six with a 102.4 (2 skins, now has 3 total). Deacons wins week seven with a 98.70……but no skin (had to beat 101.52). Two skins up for grabs in week 8. 101.12 is the number to beat. Just for the record, my team sucks. I have the Masters Shit Touch. For example, […]

#QFL Masters Week 4 Skins Update

Polaq2 with the high score of the week at 92.53 but well short of the number required for the skin (105.27). Week 5 will have 2 skins up for grabs. Score to beat = 102.09.

#QFL Masters Week 3 Update

FAHQ2 completely obliterated Membrillos with his 129.1 point outburst (thank you Ryan Fitzbeard). Week 3 skin going his way.

#QFL Masters Rookie Draft Results

Masters League held their 3rd Annual Auction Thursday night.

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