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Last Day To Vote On 2017 #QFL IR Rule Change

The Competition Committee has only one rule change to recommend prior to tomorrow’s July 15 deadline for implementing new rules changes for the upcoming season. The NFL has changed their Injured Reserve rule to allow players to be recalled to active rosters after a certain amount of time instead of the old rule where they […]

#QFL Rule Change Proposal

Designated to return from IR option. One player per season may return to active roster after 5 weeks on IR.

COMCOMM Last Minute Rule Change Enrages #QFL

QFL Prime Commissioner Ted announced a major rule change passed a general vote weeks after the vote was held. Most assumed it failed after so long with no word. Many teams are outraged.

#QFL Nation Rules

Yes it does. But the purpose of this post is to encourage discussion of new rules. QFL Prime Commissioner Ted tried earlier this year to stimulate a discussion using Google forums. That experiment is ongoing.

Radical New Concept in #QFL Nation Auction Structure Proposed

As the QFL Auction inevitably gets carried out online more and more frequently, instead of in-person, to the point where it is likely that all restricted free agent player contracts will get resolved first in order to improve the online experience of resolving the unrestricted free agent players, the following idea was conjured up over […]

#QFL Nation Rule Change Deadline Tonight

All rule changes that are to go into effect for this season must pass a general membership vote by tomorrow. Punchline: it doesn’t look like anything will change. The 3 proposals do not look like they will pass a majority vote. But interestingly the removal of all regular roster position minimums had the most support […]

Three New Rules Pass COMCOMM

UPDATE 7/11: These rules got bogged down with in-fighting, influence peddling and last second changes. Plus Seth was impersonating a COMCOMM member when he cast his vote. Any changes that do get made will be at the eleventh hour. My bet is there will be no changes. With the July 15 deadline to implement new […]

COMCOMM Releases New #QFL Division Alignment; #Quince, SOQ and Detroit RoQ Get Moved Around

The every-four-year division realignment rule applies to The QFL this season (not sure about the Colonies). Starting with the West division, teams have been realigned based on location of owners’ current primary residence. The result is Ted leaves the storied North division after 15 years and is replaced by Scott, while Scott is replaced by […]

Rule Change Proposal Submitted: The Empty Backfield

The #QFL Competition Committee received a formal rule change proposal today. The rule would allow for 5 WRs and no RBs as a legal offensive set.

Rules Not In The PDF Of The Constitution

The last time the #QFL Constitution was been updated was three years ago (hint, hint McD), the purpose of this post is to collect the rules that have been passed since then. One of these rule changes applies to QFL today and QFL Deuce tomorrow. Per Rule 23, Section 2, Article 4 there are no […]

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