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Who Won #SuperQuince 2017?

No one knows who won the last SuperQuince. Nor for that matter, how many QFL Colony League’s there are. The League from which the last known SuperQuince winner emerged, QFL Quattro, hasn’t been heard from in months.

#QFL Nation Leagues Required To Use @KeeperCommish

The rumor that every League in QFL Nation will be required to use to facilitate their annual keeper declaration process this year is not true. Next year it will be required. The free service is invaluable to administrators of QFL Leagues who otherwise have to manually keep tabs on salary increases, contract designations, email […]

#QFL Quattro Team Wins SuperQuince For First Time

Package Deihl is the first QFL Quattro team to win SuperQuince. TenQ places second for third time in five years.

2016 #SuperQuince Standings Week 15

The $900 SuperQuince prize is wide open. No one is running away with it after two weeks which is unusual. 45 points separate the top team from the bottom (same time last year it was more than double that). Last year’s winner from Thrice Quickly Eliminated is 37 points back. A thrice team has won […]

#QFL Quattro #FantasyFootball Rookie Draft Results

For the record. Round 1 1. Package Diehl – Ezekiel Elliott 2. Mel Gibson Jews – Sterling Shepard 3. Butt Fumblers – Corey Coleman

#QFL Quattro Survives!

Miraculously owners were found to adopt the three orphan teams in quattro. Every year Rish counts them out but he is always wrong. Dead wrong. Their 4th Annual Auction is schedule for August 31. As bad as some of them were “the teams were taken as is without any concessions” according to co-Commissioner Doug.

#QFL Quattro Collapsing…?

The sky is falling according to Quattro Commissioner Dutch guy’s brother after two teams were orphaned recently. [We need] users to join 4, otherwise looks like it might be about ready to break apart. No auction date has been set yet. Complicating matters the two teams that need adopting will need more than extra special care […]

Multiple Orphan #QFL Nation Teams

There is a Masters team (Michael Sam Loves Sacks) and two Quatro teams that need new owners. Tell your friends about that crazy League you are in. Remind them of our SI article fame. Bribe them. Threaten them. Whatever it takes! Go. Now.

COMCOMM Last Minute Rule Change Enrages #QFL

QFL Prime Commissioner Ted announced a major rule change passed a general vote weeks after the vote was held. Most assumed it failed after so long with no word. Many teams are outraged.

2015 SuperQuince Final Standings

The 2015 SuperQuince Final Standings with prize pool payouts. League Team Week 14 Score Week 15 Score Week 16 Score Total Prize $ 3 Quickly Eliminated 86.1 127.69 105 318.79 600 1 Qtang 82.17 78.55 94 254.72 300 2 Pigskin Pimps 81.06 90.81 80.14 252.01 150 4 Tasselhoff  62.84 99.28 80.51 242.63 150 See also […]

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