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Who Won #SuperQuince 2017?

No one knows who won the last SuperQuince. Nor for that matter, how many QFL Colony League’s there are. The League from which the last known SuperQuince winner emerged, QFL Quattro, hasn’t been heard from in months.

#QFL Nation Leagues Required To Use @KeeperCommish

The rumor that every League in QFL Nation will be required to use to facilitate their annual keeper declaration process this year is not true. Next year it will be required. The free service is invaluable to administrators of QFL Leagues who otherwise have to manually keep tabs on salary increases, contract designations, email […]

COMCOMM Last Minute Rule Change Enrages #QFL

QFL Prime Commissioner Ted announced a major rule change passed a general vote weeks after the vote was held. Most assumed it failed after so long with no word. Many teams are outraged.

Radical New Concept in #QFL Nation Auction Structure Proposed

As the QFL Auction inevitably gets carried out online more and more frequently, instead of in-person, to the point where it is likely that all restricted free agent player contracts will get resolved first in order to improve the online experience of resolving the unrestricted free agent players, the following idea was conjured up over […]

#QFL Nation Consensus #FantasyFootball #AuctionLeague Values

How much can you expect to pay for Tom Brady this season? QSN took the Q1 contract overlap from QFL1 and QFL2 Auctions and came up with a “consensus auction value” for each player. It doesn’t cover all players obviously but its a big enough sample set to be useful to the rest of the […]

Rishi’s Recruiting Message to #QFL V Prospects Deeply Insults QSN

Gentlemen, I understand you may be interested in joining a new fantasy league. Our league is not like typical leagues and requires somewhat of a commitment – its a keeper league, its an auction, and the rules are complex, allowing you greater freedoms and decision-making than any other league. It is rare if someone can […]

#QFL Cinco A Week 1 Lock

The formation of QFL-V seems like a lock at this point even after the large group of Brockman followers backed out after seeing the rules. Interest has been pouring in today after a couple of facebook posts by influential owners went up. Still Rishi is trying to temper expectations. More than enough interested has been […]

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