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Anyone Else Missing KeeperCommish?

What is each team’s available salary cap? What are each team’s position need(s)? Did Shane sneak a peak at the commissioner emails before his own keepers were submitted? Why did we have to wait at least 15 hours after the deadline for the keepers to be released to the rest of us plebs?! Anyone else […]

Shady QAnon Center of Multiple Shady Dealings

Did Shades win the playoff pool due to rules violations? Should he be allowed to keep week 17 free agent acquisition Devonta Freeman? Was there a week 16 unjustice done when opponent Quince Staples was allowed to switch out Jared Cook for Gurley after news broke too late for mere team owners to switch players […]

TenQ Wins SuperQuince 13

TenQ finally wins SuperQuince after lucky 13 years! Previous reports incorrectly stated TenQ came in 2nd in SuperQuince standings three times. Its actually been at least four times, including a .01 point loss to Revenge of Cox in SuperQuince VII.

2018 SuperQuince Standings

Good news! QFL Quatro does still exist AND none of the teams have beaten out TenQ in the standings for 2018 SuperQuince. The bad news is TenQ is behind 25 points to QTang based on Fantrax week 16 projections. A loss could make Vote Quimby the first two-time SuperQuince. No one wants that. 2018 SuperQuince […]

Congrats Quatro’s Hell on Wheels Our Elusive 2017 SuperQuince

Its finally official. The 2017 SuperQuince is a known entity hailing from Quatro. The Hell on Wheels franchise became the 12th SuperQuince in history…last year. Someone else can figure out how to pay the man. 2017 SuperQuince Final Standings League Team Week 14 Week 15 Week 16 Total 4 Hell On Wheels – – – […]

Congratulations 2017 SuperQuince Winner!

…will be the headline once someone from QFL 4 responds to emails. Thrice League reported score wasn’t enough to overcome Deuce’s Fantasy Enemy. 2017 SuperQuince Known Scoring League Team Week 14 Week 15 Week 16 Total 2 Fantasy Enemy 76.19 93.71 82.75 252.65 1 QTang 89.3 82.1 68.6 240 3 Rushing Russians 54.24 108.09 55.74 […]

TenQ Faces QTang for Third Quince Bowl in 20 Years

TenQ and QTang are 1-1 against each other in Quince Bowls all-time. QTang defeated Q/P (now TenQ) in the first Quince Bowl ever. 14 years later TenQ got sweet revenge. The epic continues week 16 of QFL season 20! This is QTang’s 4th Quince Bowl appearance and TenQ’s 9th. QFL Championship History

Who Won #SuperQuince 2017?

No one knows who won the last SuperQuince. Nor for that matter, how many QFL Colony League’s there are. The League from which the last known SuperQuince winner emerged, QFL Quattro, hasn’t been heard from in months.

2019 #QFL Rookie Mock Draft

The first rookie pick of the 2019 fantasy football season is coming into focus.¬†David Montgomery¬†and N’Keal Harry are the top prospects. Unfortunately, however, at this early stage, pundits are calling 2019 a weak fantasy football rookie class in terms of depth. In the QFL, the first overall selection in the 20th Annual Rookie Draft is […]

#QFL Nation Cut Deadline Approaching

The cut to 18 deadline is prior to the first Week 5 game on Thurs, October 4. The deadline to declare Europe designations is the same as the cut to 18 deadline. As usual, email your Europe guys per Shane’s email.

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