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Best First Round Rookie Picks In #QFL History

The results of my quick subjective survey of first round rookie selections dating from 2011 to 2003 is complete and the results may surprise you. Jim & Ian are only among the worst rookie draft performers. Benny is overrated. Hans’ selection of Jamaal Charles with the #12 pick in 2008 ranks among the best ever.

QFL Thrice Rookie Draft Results

Here are the results from QFL III’s rookie draft. Quickly Eliminated and Vote Quimby are in a race to see who can go on the Practice Squad first, Ben Tate or Tim Tebow.

2010 QFL Rookie Draft Results

The results of the 11th Annual QFL Rookie Draft.

QFL2 Trade Announcement

Bing Dynasty is driving the trade market to frothy new levels with announcement of second trade on day of cut deadline. Team has executed 6 of QFL2’s record 10 pre-cut deadline trades. Rumor of a third deal in the works. The Bing Dynasty sends Mike Wallace   The Pigskin Pimps sends the #15 Rookie Pick […]

QFL2 Trade Announcement

Membrillos sends the 23rd pick in 2010 draft Fantasy Enemy’s sends 2nd round pick in 2011 draft Either Tarek really thinks THIS year’s rookie talent is deep or more likely he intends to aggressively pursue one or two transition tagged players in this year’s auction.

THREE QFL2 Trade Announcements

This has to be some kind of pre-Auction trading record. With three days still remaining before their cut deadline, QFL2 teams have executed an unprecedented 8 trades involving 8 different teams this pre-season. Bing Dynasty has been a counter-party to four of them. Last night three trades hit the books.

QFL2 Blockbuster Trade Announcement

Catch 42 sends F Gore ($26 L4), S. Moss ($6 L1) and 7th overall rookie pick FantasyEnemy sends C. Ochocinco ($14 L1), Jonathan Stewart ($6 S2) and 2nd overall rookie pick.

QFL2 Trade Announcement

NOJOQ sends #14 pick in rookie draft Fantasy Enemy sends Addai ($13 L1)  

Quahogs Pulls Off Two Trades While On Road

Three weeks before he is set to host the 5th Annual QFL2 Free Agent Auction and Rookie Draft – and no doubt while running a marathon in VT this week too – Brian pulled off two trades that landed him DeAngelo Williams and DeSean Jackson. Trade details and an updated rookie draft order.

QFL2 Trade Announcement

NOJOQ sends #2 overall pick in 2010 rookie draft Fantasy Enemy sends #4 and #16 picks in 2010 draft Plus updated QFL2 2010 Rookie Draft Order

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