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Thrice 2013 Rookie Draft Results

Toons forfeited the #1 pick because he went over the salary cap in the Auction. OUCH!! Pick Team Player 1 Toon FORFEIT 2 Mexiq EDIE LACY 3 Rushing MONTEE BALL

2013 QFL Nation Consensus Rookie Rankings

UPDATED: QFL Nation consensus rookie rankings for the 2013 class. Player Thrice Deuce QFL CONSENSUS ADP Eddie Lacy 2 2 1 1.67 Montee Ball 3 1 6 3.33 Gio Bernard 4 5 3 4.00 Tavon Austin 5 7 2 4.67 Le’Veon Bell 8 4 4 5.33

Someday SuperQuince Could Be Won By A Girl

#QFL Nation Gets Our Own Jenny MacArthur. You know Jenny MacArthur from the TV show The League. Well, QSN has confirmed that QFL Nation will be joined in competition for the first time ever by a girl. Her name is really Jenn. We don’t know how good she is yet, but rumor is she won […]

Deuce 2013 Rookie Draft Results

QFL-2 completed their rookie draft on Sunday night. Pick Team Player 1 Enemy Monte Ball 2 Turds (from NOJOQ from Bombers) Eddie Lacy 3 MDW Gio Bernard 4 Quahogs LeVeon Bell

QFL 2013 Rookie Pick Results

The 15th Annual QFL Free Agent Auction & Rookie Draft is in the books. 2013 Rookie Draft Results Pick Pos Team Player 1 RB FREDNEQ Lacy, Eddie (R) – GB 2 WR QUINCING BY COMMITTEE Austin, Tavon (R) – STL 3 RB A TRIBE CALLED QUINCE Bernard, Giovani (R) – CIN 4 RB ORIGINAL QUINCELER […]

Deuce Trade Announcement; Updated 2013 Rookie Picks

The Trade. Quahogs sends Andy Dalton Catch42 sends #18 overall rookie pick Quahogs now owns #4, #14 & #18 overall rookie picks in 2013. Deuce 2013 Rookie Pick Order – Updated

Thrice Trade Announcement; Updated 2013 Rookie Pick Order

Thrice’s trade market continues to be hot before the cut deadline. The trade: Qtopia sends Sam Bradford (Q1 $2) Quickly Eliminated sends 2013 2nd Round Pick (17th Overall)

Deuce Trade Announcement; Updated 2013 Pick Ownership

The Trade. NOJOQ sends #2 overall rookie pick Turds send #5 overall rookie pick and the #17 overall rookie pick In addition, Turds agree to nominate Calvin Johnson with the #2 overall nomination and NOJOQ agrees to nominate Marshawn Lynch with the #7 overall nomination. Deuce 2013 Rookie Pick Order – Updated

Thrice Trade Announcement; Updated 2013 Rookie Pick Order

Without knowing the contract, it appears Golden Smoot ripped off QTopia for James Jones today. The Trade. Qtopia sends James jones. Golden smoot sends this years 2nd round pick. 23rd overall. UPDATE: Confirmed, Qtopia got ripped off, James Jones is $1 Q1.

Original Quincelar Pulls Off Three Trades Before Cut Deadline; Updated Rookie Pick Ownership

These trades were announced while I was away. Updating the records. No changes in the first round, Rishi still owns three picks. Some reshuffling of picks in the early second round.

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