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#QFL Thrice #FantasyFootball Rookie Draft Results

For the record. Round 1: Qtopia – Ezekiel Elliot Spaceman – Corey Coleman Spaceman – Derrick Henry

#QFL Quattro #FantasyFootball Rookie Draft Results

For the record. Round 1 1. Package Diehl – Ezekiel Elliott 2. Mel Gibson Jews – Sterling Shepard 3. Butt Fumblers – Corey Coleman

#QFL 2016 #FantasyFootball Rookie Draft Results

Updating for the record books. Draft Pos. Pos Player Team 1 RB Elliott, Ezekiel – DAL QTR 2 WR Coleman, Corey – CLE QJ 3 RB Henry, Derrick – TEN OQ

#QFL Masters Rookie Draft Results

Masters League held their 3rd Annual Auction Thursday night.

#QFL Prime 2016 First Round Mock Rookie Draft

Based on the latest rumors this is how the draft would shake out.

#QFL Deuce Rookie Draft Results

#QFL Trade Announcement

The trade. The Inquincibles send 2017 2nd-round pick Tenacious Q sends Ladarius Green $1 Q2 and Jonathan Stewart $11 Q3. This is the only 2017 pick that has changed hands in QFL Prime.

#QFL Trade Announcement

The trade. QBC send Tenq. # 8 overall pick  Tenq sends QBC. Doug Martin q3 $8 QBC will drop victor Cruz to get compliant

First Trade Of 2016 Announced In #QFL Deuce

Correction. This is the second reported trade of the season. NOJOQ  send Jonathan Stewart ($3 Q2) Turds send #16 rookie pick in 2016 This is the first recorded June 17. NOJOQ sends 2016 2nd round pick and 2017 first round pick Fantasy Enemy sends Julio Jones and Marvin Jones NOJOQ drops DeAngelo Williams

2016 #QFL #FantasyFootball Franchise & Rookie Contract Pricing

QB pricing plunges across contract types despite FahQ paying Aaron Rodgers double the next highest player. WR pricing stagnates but still above RB, a trend first seen in 2014. If someone can convince Scott to drop Calvin Johnson WR rookie pricing would drop to $19.

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