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Around #QFL Nation

Thrice’s Vote Quimby franchise maintains the top position in QFL Nation for a second week in a row, although The QFL’s TenQ franchise is closing the gap. Vote Quimby is one of only 2 unbeaten teams remaining, Golden Smoot is the other. These are the top two scoring teams from each QFL League. QFL Nation […]

Around #QFL Nation – Week 4 Skins, Scores & Standings

Vote Quimby leads The Nation in scoring after 4 weeks. The team is one of three still undefeated in QFL3. There are no other undefeated teams left in any QFL. Top Scoring Teams by League. QFL Nation Rank Team Record Points Scored League 1 Vote Quimby 4-0 417.07 Thrice

Around #QFL Nation – Week 3 Skins, Scores & Standings

QFL Nation Rank Team League Week 3 Score Week 3 Skin Winner? Ave Score To Win Week 4 Skin (# Skins To Win) 1 TenQ QFL 109.65 Yes 105.45 (1) 2 Quarlos Danger Cuatro 105.36 Yes 102.06 (1) 3 Mad Bombers Deuce 99.69 No 107.96 (2) 4 Vote Quimby Thrice 97.6 No 107.33 (2)

Around #QFL Nation Week 2

A look at the top two scoring teams from each League in QFL Nation. Team League Score Qonies Deuce 110.44 RonMe Thrice 98.4 SOQ QFL 97.02

Around #QFL Nation Week 1

If the SuperQuince competition took place over the regular season, Thrice’s Vote Quimby would have a 13 point lead. Team League Score Vote Quimby 3 126

Around QFL Nation Week 12 Skins Scores & Standings

SOQ is back on top of QFL Nation. Based on record and points scored, the original QFL’s SOQ franchise is back to dominating. Of course, with only 744 points scored against (second lowest in QFL Nation) it would be hard not to. Thrice’s QUtane keeps on winning too, 9 in a row now, but with […]

Around QFL Nation Week 11 Skins, Scores & Standings

First off, did anyone win money from the #KeeperCommish freeroll? I know I didn’t. But, like my SAT score, no one will ever know my final place finish. Thanks to everyone who signed up. QUtane continues to dominate QFL Nation in scoring, but is no longer leading based on record. That honor goes (back) to […]

Around QFL Nation Week 10 Skins, Scores & Standings

QUTane and Phineas Q. Bingerfat’s are pulling away from the rest of QFL Nation for SuperQuince supremacy. Both teams are riding incredible 7 game winning streaks and are 1 and 2 in scoring Nationwide. But, if SuperQuince were calculated now, QUtane would be crushing it having surpassed 900 points after only 10 games, more than […]

Around QFL Nation Week 8 Hurricane Shortened Edition

Down goes BaltiMorons. The last undefeated team in QFL Nation finally lost a game in week 8 despite scoring the fourth highest point total in Thrice. No one won a skin for the second straight week. Thrice’s QUTane overtakes Deuce’s Pimps for #1 overall scoring team in QFL Nation. Top 3 Teams in QFL Nation […]

Around QFL Nation Week 7 Skins, Scores & Standings

Deuce’s PigSkin Pimps holds onto #1 overall ranking in QFL Nation. Not a single weekly skin was won in week 7 despite one team’s 108 point score. Sorry Nordstrom, Shane’s anomalous 140 points last week screwed you. Next time. Turds picked up a lucky 1.1 point win in the Deuce, the team’s first of the […]

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