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COMCOMM Last Minute Rule Change Enrages #QFL

QFL Prime Commissioner Ted announced a major rule change passed a general vote weeks after the vote was held. Most assumed it failed after so long with no word. Many teams are outraged.

COMCOMM Issues Warning to Thrice

From the Competition Committee. If any Thrice team fields an invalid starting lineup during actual SuperQuince play, that team will be automatically disqualified from the entire competition. No exceptions. And pay last year’s SuperQuince already! EOM

COMCOMM Discussing Rule Changes

A list of rule changes necessary to migrate to Fantrax is circulating around the members who Shane thinks are on COMCOMM. A final list is to be voted on Friday so general membership can make the final vote at the 14th Annual QFL Free Agent Auction & Rookie Draft this Saturday.

Thrice Trade Announcement; 2012 Rookie Draft Ownership

This trade may be reviewed by COMCOMM. Trades involving only “future considerations” are not allowed. The Trade. Rushing Russians sends Ben Roethlisberger ($6 L1) Golden Smoot sends “draft pick to be determined” Terms of the Trade.

Around QFL Nation

It seems like QFL Nation is moving just as fast as NFL Nation right now. Every League is at a different stage in the pre-season agenda, but every League has executed a trade already, which I don’t think has ever happened this early before.

2011 Rule Change Proposals

COMCOMM may have to get serious about the possibility of an NFL lockout in 2011. In one of his last acts as QFL1 Commissioner, Pope Paul appealed for COMCOMM to put in place a contingency plan should the worst happen.

QFL2 Almost Collapsed Last Week

In response to the petty cheating allegations leveled on him earlier this season, Commissioner Berlage took a hard line on fines last Sunday doling out $48 worth against 8 teams. The ensuing uproar almost led to the total collapse of the League and was only resolved after an entirely new fine system was put in […]

Major Scandal Brewing In QFL3

UPDATE1: Crisis over. Witten was incorrectly desginated a franchise player on Balti-Morons roster, he should be transition tagged. It’s still early in the due diligence process, admitted Commissioner Radeck in an email to QSN this morning, however, it appears at least one very prominent team in QFL3 is holding two frachise players, in clear violation […]

How Would 18 Games Affect QFL Rules?

You heard it here first a month ago, NFL owners are seriously considering an 18 game season, and will discuss it more today at the owners meeting in Atlanta. The big question on everyone’s mind is, how would this affect QFL rules, like schedule, playoffs and skins? Would we play one non-division opponent twice during the regular […]

COMCOMM Now Deciding Fate of First Free Agency

Pope Paul passes the buck… for two bucks. Shade’s appeal for leniency on his screwed up free agency bid didn’t go well with the Commissioner. But the Pope did allow an appeal to COMCOMM which is on-going, if Shades agreed to pay a $2 fine (his first of the season) regardless of the outcome.

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